Summer calls for festival season. A time where everyone can come together and enjoy music. All genres of music holds festivals throughout the summer. Whether country, EDM and even alternative rock, it’s ongoing. One festival that has been on my lineup for years is Warped Tour. 

Vans Warped Tour is a traveling festival that goes to each individual state and perform with a slightly different line up. Founded in Kevin Lyman in 1995 , it is the longest running touring festival in the US. About 100 bands are in the lineup and with eight stages, the bands interchange. Bands such as Sleeping With Sirens, New Found Glory, Yellowcard, We The Kings, Chelsea Grin, Crown The Empire, Veil Of Maya, Volumes, New Found Glory and Reel Big Fish performed at Warped Tour last weekend. The best thing about Warped Tour are the bands that follow the traveling festival.

This year was a little different because of the lineup. Some people came to celebrate bands the comeback of memorable bands like New Found Glory, and Sum 41.

Viewing bands like I See Stars, Sleeping With Sirens, Chelsea Grin, Emarosa and Volumes, reminded of my first Warped Tour. One band that really made an impact on Warped Tour, in my opinion was Emaros.

From beginning to end, Bradley Wilson was phenomenal. His voice alone, the raw emotion, resided in everyone watching the set. Throughout the set, he constantly interacted with the crowd. During the performance, he carried his guitarist, Marcellus Wallus, on his shoulders and paraded throughout the crowd performing, engaging with us and making us feel the inner meaning of his music. He also climbed up the posts performing in the air, for all of us to enjoy. Pictures below.IMG_0789


 We had the opprotunity to meet Bradley Wilson of Emarosa.IMG_0833

 A band called Pepper was outstanding. Originated in Hawaii, now in L.A, their sound is composed of a mixture of reggae rock, rock, alternative, ska and dub. They opened to the audio of The Force Awakens Trailer. Their set was great, they were very uplifting and they knew how to engage in the crowd. The three member band, made of Bret Bollinger, Kaleo Wassman and Yesod Williams were phenomenally very nice when we met them as well.

Another band that put on a fantastic show was Volumes. Metal core band based in Los Angeles, California took moshing to a whole different level.
Guitarist Diego Farias, bassist Raad Soudani, vocalist Gus Farias, and drummer Nick Ursich, all performed well last weekend. New vocalist Myke Terry, moshed with fans as he was performing. But of course, what would Warped Tour be without mosh pits and crowd surfers. Each year is more memorable than the last. The most impactful thing about Warped Tour is that it is a community that is very supportive, loving and has so many unique qualities to it. Many have a misconception about how Warped Tour is but the people are the most memorable and will leave a positive impact on you.

From al the countless people, to the bands, it is a memorable experience someone should experience at least once in their lifetime!

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