Everyone Needs a Festie Bestie, Who’s Yours?

Everyone Needs a Festie Bestie, Who’s Yours?




Everyone needs a festie bestie, luckily for me I have my cousin to thank! In 2014, he flew all the way from Guadalajara, Mexico to experience our first rave together. For me going to EDC Las Vegas was not easy. Personally, experiencing something new and huge was scary. But when you experience it with family it doesn’t seem so bad. Yes, I went with friends and unfortunately my best friend was not into EDM as much as I was, so going with family definitely made it easier to step out of my comfort zone.

I originally wanted to go to EDC when it was in California, but I had no money and no one to go with, none of my friends at the time were willing to go. I never left California alone, so when EDC moved to Las Vegas, it made the situation that much more difficult. My nerves got the best of me, I bought and sold my ticket twice. My chance to go to EDC was constantly being postponed.

Luckily, my cousin who I barely spoke to due to our language barrier, we found one language we understood very well, EDM. Just by scrolling on Facebook, I saw that he liked and continued to like the same EDM videos I enjoyed. It was right there and then when I decided to ask my cousin to go with me to our first rave. He said yes on the spot, it was music to my ears, because everyone I would have loved to share that memory with were not willing or too broke to go.

I am forever grateful because when everyone was making up excuses not to go, my cousin from Mexico, made it happen, not only for that year but for the past two years. In return, last year I went to EDC Mexico with him. The whole purpose of going to EDC Las Vegas was for the experience, going to EDC Mexico was for the adventure, and now this year we are doing both. My festie bestie and I along with two other down ass friends I have met along the years, are getting ready to go to Ultra Miami.

If it was not for my festie bestie to get me out of my comfort zone, I would have never experienced the things I always wanted to do. Go to huge events surrounded by people who love the same taste in music, embrace a culture of peace, love, unity, and respect. Last but not least, my favorite reason to go to events is to dance all day as if my life counted on it. In the end be grateful and thank your festie bestie, for we all need someone to lean on!

Who is your festie bestie?

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