Excision at Global Dub Festival Broke Oregon’s Neck [Event Review]

Excision at Global Dub Festival Broke Oregon’s Neck [Event Review]

Global Dub Festival in Eugene, Oregon last week was a bass-heads dream come true. Artist such as Kai Wachi, Terravita, and Ganja White Night all played some wonky beats leading up to Excision’s face- melting set. If someone didn’t end up in a neck brace by the end of the night, I would be extremely surprised.

Last week I headed up to Oregon (from Los Angeles) to surprise a friend for his birthday. I had never been to Oregon before and had no idea what the festival culture would be like, as opposed to what I’m familiar with in Southern California. Upon arriving at the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, I was met with an all too familiar rave scene of friendly people pumped up and ready to have a great night. If there is one word to describe that particular audience though, it would be colorful! It seems as if Oregon bass-heads don’t have any rules and might rage a bit harder than others. Everyone was wearing what they felt comfortable in, there were tons of different types of people with unique backgrounds and everyone just wanted to hear some dirty sounds. It was beautiful.

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Not only were the people attending this show fantastic, but the DJ’s were excellent too. Everyone who opened before Excision did a great job warming everyone’s necks up, especially Ganja White Night, in my opinion. Then, when the sun was completely down, the father of bass let us hear what he had, and man, was it something else. I had seen Excision one other time in my life, at Bass Rush 2013. This was around the time I was really coming into the electronic music scene. But, unfortunately, I don’t remember that set well, so I didn’t exactly know what to expect. The energy in the crowd was insane. I kept stopping myself and looking around at all the die-hard Excision fans who were having an absolute blast. Excision’s visuals, by the way, are incredible and whoever made them deserves a gold metal. Even if you’re huge into dub-step, it might really be in your benefit to check out one of his sets.

Overall I was so impressed by everything Oregon and Global Dub Festival had to offer. The people, the music, the visuals, and general experience was worth my 14 hour car ride. I would highly recommend checking out an Excision show (such as his upcoming dubstep festival called Lost Lands in Thornville, Ohio) if you can and if you ever find yourself in Eugene, Oregon take a look to see what’s going on at the Cuthbert Amphitheater. They have shows like Global Dance Festival and other electronic music festivals such as Transition Festival with DJ’s such as Kaskade, Zeds Dead, and more!

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