Damn, Excision. Back at it again with another album! Canadian producer/ DJ has left us speechless yet again with his third studio album, Virus. The 16 track album was released midnight on Tuesday and is available on Spotify and Apple music. This album is a little different then the previous albums. It is a little bit of everything. Whether you’re into melodic EDM of heavy dubstep, it is an album everyone needs to listen to. So drop everything and listen to Virus!

Virus Reviews


If this is just your first time listening to Excision, it’s okay. Here are some reviews from Excision fans themselves talking about Virus.

“Such a good EP that has a little bit of something for everyone. Even if you don’t like dub step you’ll enjoy at least a few tracks off this EP. My partner hates dubstep. But I played it while in the ambulance yesterday next to him and even he was vibing it out to it with me.”- Danny San

“Harambe is my favorite!” – Meagen Surowiecki

“I think the album is a great payoff for the wait that people had since “codename X”.Every song moved smoothly along, the album ran about 45 min but it felt like 10 because of how hard the album goes. There are no limits with most of the songs but yet there is a great mix of melodic dubstep to break your neck dubstep. Excision fulfills what his name means in the dubstep and electronic industry with yet another great album”- Ioannis Spyropoulos

” This album is basically a mix of everything I’ve hoped for. I missed Excision at EDCNY and listening to this album, I’m looking forward to seeing them live. My favorites off the album are Throwing Elbows and Drowning” – Lexi Williams

The album is available for streaming on Spotify, Soundcloud and available on Itunes.

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