An Exclusive Interview With Covex

An Exclusive Interview With Covex

Brendan Bell otherwise known by his stage name of Covex, continues to pave his way in the music industry.

Hailing from Boulder, Colorado. He began creating music six years ago as a freshman in high school. He started out with an app on his computer and grew from there. Later, he bought turntables and a mixer. Eventually, he became interested in production. He evolved from using an app to using a DJ console program on his computer.

Covex recently performed at Decadence in Denver, Colorado. This is his second year performing.

“This time was better than my first time playing at Decadence,” Covex said. “A new set was planned and I had new music that people seemed to really enjoy.

Covex enjoys mixing songs quickly and performing live as much as possible. Singing and playing the piano add a nice twist to his live sets. In the past, he has mixed up to 55 songs in one hour. If he had to pick an EDM genre for his music, it would be future bass or melodic. However, he does not enjoy the idea of having to stick with one genre. This factor helps set him apart from other DJs.

He credits his inspiration for his music to the nature around him. He also is inspired by older music and melodies. Some of his biggest musical inspirations include Porter Robinson, Set The Sky, and Crywolf, among others. If he could sit down and talk to anyone about music and life, it would be Porter Robinson.

Covex will soon release a new track titled “Hireth”. This track will come out on Gravitas Recordings. Working on creating new music and is one of the things he is most excited to do in 2017. Covex also looks forward to working on his live set.

If Covex could spread one message with his music, it would be love and positive vibes.

“It’s important to love each other, be happy, and enjoy life,” Covex said.

Covex can be found on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram as well as on his website.

Listen To Covex’s Music Here!

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