Dubstep is not dead! It is growing and evolving each day. You feel the intensity of heavy futuristic influences by immense drum and bass, snares and high hats and then, the drop. Repeat. Don’t forget the bassface. There is an artist I came across that incorporates dance into his sound, which is unique and colorful. His name is DREWLFACE.


DREWLFACE is here with us today. From Jacksonville Beach, Florida, he was awarded with a phukheadz award , which is given to people who have an impact in music. Artist such as Datsik, Diplo and numerous celebrities have it as well.


Despite hardships in his life, that didn’t stop him from giving up.  Instead, it enlightened him to perform to his full potential and dedication. His driven persona and brand is fresh and vibrant, giving authenticity. Give it up for #DREWLFACE



Thank you for doing us today on Mix247EDM! How are you? I’m doing amazing! Life has been great! I’ve been just grinding it out.

Where are you from? I was born in New York. Then, I moved to Tampa Bay around 12 then Jacksonville Beach Florida around age 23

Do you have any tattoos? No. Possibly one day ! Now, I have ideas.

If you could transform yourself into any animal or extraterrestrial being, what would it be? Yo I am an ALIEN if you try hard enough you can be too, Lexi!

What mantra do you live by? Treat people right, Be Kind and don’t take things for granted. Respect people minds and feelings.

If you had to have lunch with any one dead or alive, who would it be? Elvis Presley.


Whats the idea behind your name? Haha ! Good question! I’ve been asked that a lot! It is a cross between many inside jokes between friends and the face people have when they get lost in the music.

When did you get into DJING/Produce music? Around June or May 20166. One day, it hit me. With this idea and many of my friends are very talented so it’s been great learning experience filled with inspiration and dedication.

What was the worst thing to happen to you while mixing? It makes me cringe when people get drunk and mess with the equipment while live mixing. It’s the worst!  I’ve had people fall and knock out wires during my set. I mean I like you get hype but come on! Haha the worst!


Tell me about the idea behind your sound? I definetly take you for a ride with my music/sets. I like to create a unique dance experience for people come out to see me. With my EP coming out in 2017, the sound will be leaning towards a heavy bass influence with a 3rd eye angle to it.

What was your first experience like performing in front of people? Hell yeah! My good friend, D.J Simmons aka DJ Squared, had his 50th show out for JIVE events on the beach in Jacksonville and I said why not? And threw down. It went really well haha!

What’s the toughest thing about DJING? The toughest thing in my opinion/ my favorite thing is read the crowd finding the music and track for them to vibe to.


Tell us about your EP? Will be coming out in middle 2017! It’ll be composed of 5 songs. I have some really great stuff right now and even more ideas in my head! I’m really excited for people to hear my sound and build more amazing crazy heavy energy and family vibes. Can’t wait!

Any plans upcoming shows for 2017? Yeah I am playing my favorite Jacksonville Monthly. It’s Man Darinos Art Walk After Dark at hour-glass pub. It’s really just tight some underground music in back alley with some graffiti. You can’t beat it. Then, I have plans with MYTH Night Club in downtown Jacksonville. I’ll be doing events in 2017 with them.




They already have an amazing club there and with the sickest 1500 person luxury super club being built above it right now. With the owner, Jon Kinesis, he’s killing the international house/tech house scene. And with us ragng and have fun, throwing down with them on tour break beat artist it going to be great. So, we’ll be have everything you need over here in Jacksonville! Going to be a blast. Also 100 percent trying to smash 2017 festival season! I have some plans for a few weekends that I am definetly looking to get weird with y’all as much as possible!

Would you say music changed your life? It 100 percent saved me. I have no idea where I would be with music and the amazing friends I have now. They know who they are! I’ve had rough past year ha but it’s been straight lately thank you!

Where can we follow you?
Instagram: drewlface

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