Exclusive Interview With: FDVM As We Gear Up For Woogie Weekend

Exclusive Interview With: FDVM As We Gear Up For Woogie Weekend


Hey guys! Check out this in depth interview with FDVM, a pair of the hottest rising stars of this year!

Originally formed in their hometown of Lille, France, FDVM (a play on the duo’s initials: Florent Denecker and Victorien Mulliez) was initially created as a party brand, solely responsible for DJ’ing at clubs and throwing parties. However, as their interests delved deeper and deeper into producing, they began to utilize the name for the tracks that they developed. Fresh out of Snowglobe, Coachella, and Mysteryland, FDVM  is set to blow our minds at Woogie Weekend!

Check out the interview below:

How old are each of you now, Florent Denecker and Victorien Mulliez? And where do each of you reside currently?

Flo is 27 and Vic is 26, we are both originally from France. Flo lives in Lille (north of France) and Vic lives in New York.

How long have you guys been together as FDVM? And how long have you guys been producing music now?

We started the project around 6 years ago but we started producing only 3 years ago.

What drew you guys to music? What early musical influences did each of you have? What instruments, if any, do each of you play?

Vic : Honestly, it’s my family, they always loved music and loved to party! When I grew up the trend was to listen to Funk, Dance and Disco but I got a lot of Influence from Blues, Jazz and Indie-Rock.

Flo : When I was young, my friends always asked me to bring music to the parties, birthdays… I started to like it and nowadays I couldn’t do without it. I’m not a musician however I have been learning piano for a few months.

What can we expect from your set at Woogie Weekend?

We are opening the main stage so we really are going to set the vibe for the day, the goal will be to gently build it, welcome people on the stage, summer vibe with really nice groove.

When did Victorien move away from Lille, France to New York?

Vic : I moved 9 months ago, it’s a big change. At the beginning people were wondering how could we still be a duo if we weren’t together all the time but we really turned the doubts into opportunities. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to develop our project in 2 different continents, even if it has it’s own challenges.

How has it been living in two separate continents while under the same moniker? Have there been any strains/difficulties? Or do you feel that it’s still an advantageous position for you guys?

It is challenging everyday, overall it’s amazing how it opened new doors and facilitate our expansion in the US. Of course it’s hard sometimes, it’s hard to not be able to play big events together, it’s hard to communicate feelings and to produce with the distance but we make it work and it works !


Congratulations on your epic breakout this year! Snowglobe, Mysteryland, the Do Lab at Coachella, Woogie Weekend, and even Outsidelands coming up. What comes next?

Vic : Thank you so much, it’s been so epic and we are really looking forward to Woogie Weekend! The DoLab has been so welcoming and we are so happy to be part of the family now.

Flo : After OutsideLands there is Burning Man where we will be performing few magical sets. Other than that, the goal is to really develop our own parties, the SUPERNATURAL (named after our mixtapes). We don’t have too many gigs plan so far, we really want to focus on production.

If you could attribute one reason towards your phenomenal success this year, what would it be and why?

Vic : Good question, honestly it’s hard to tell, we believe it’s about what we bring to the music scene.

Flo : We really want to bring the GOOD vibe, all we want is to share joy and happiness with tasty grooves. The world needs more of this, people want to feel good and express themselves with their body, but also want to feels something in the inside. That’s why we tend to be exactly between what people called “Mainstream” and “Underground”. We believe the right thing is in the middle.

What are your favorite tracks to play or to listen to at the moment?

Vic : Definitely the Rework of Roxanne by Koby Funk. He worked on the cover version of Milky Chance and AnnenMayKantereit and it’s mind-blowing.

Flo : To play : Ecstasy by purple disco machine and to listen : Jungle by Petit Biscuit (he is a young french producer, only 16 years)

If you were not in the music industry what would each of you be doing?

Vic : I have a master in international management so I’ll probably will managing part of a clothing company or created my own brand.

Flo : I did some studies to be optician so I think I will be working in optical shop today.

Tell us something that we would be surprised to know about both of you!

Vic : I’m married 🙂

Flo : I love fishing

Where can everyone follow your journey?

We invite everyone to follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/weareFDVM), Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/fdvm) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/fdvm). We also have Snapchat (@weareFDVM) where you can see the behind the scene and stuff from our daily life.

Any shoutouts or Thank you’s?

With Woogie Weekend coming we really want to express our gratitude to the DoLab team. They are doing an amazing job and their musical choices are on point.

Also, Thank you Mix 247 EDM for this interview.



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