[Behind The Beat] An Exclusive Interview with Manse

[Behind The Beat] An Exclusive Interview with Manse

Swedish DJ and Producer Manse will soon be releasing more music.

Manse’s music sounds electric, euphoric, emotional, melodic, and heart grabbing.

“I love melodic music and I always produce my tracks with feelings I have at a certain moment rather than just making a track,” Manse said. “I am a very energetic guy so I’ve implemented that into my sound to really get that euphoric and big sound.”

Manse’s new remix will fall more under the progressive house genre. He will also be releasing a surprise EP soon. In the future he plans to release more singles and collaboration tracks.

He began DJing and producing music about eight years ago when he was in high school and hasn’t stopped since.

I’ve always been a creative person so the music creation was truly something that I got myself satisfied with…

Manse gained popularity in 2013 when he became known for his numerous remixes. Around that time he entered a remix contest that Revealed Recordings hosted. His remix titled “Escape” featuring Bright Lights by 3LAU, Paris and Simo was chosen as the winner out of 3,500 submissions. Manse is also known for his track “Freeze Time”.

His favorite thing about remixing tracks is getting his hands on some acapellas.

“I always try to build something on my own around the vocal, so basically I make something new instead of making a remix,” said Manse. ”This way I am sure that the song really delivers the quality I want to express for my fans.”

Manse’s biggest inspiration for his music is the feedback he receives from his fans and followers. The way his music affects people means a lot to him and is a big factor in why he DJs and produces music. Of course, receiving support from big artists like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, and Hardwell among others also gives him a confidence boost in his work. For Manse, making music and traveling the world is a dream come true.

Lately he has been listening to a variety of tracks such as “Kids” by OneRepublic, “Sunny Days” (Encore Remix) by Armin van Buuren, and “Your Song” by Rita Ora. The coolest place he has ever performed at would either have to be Ultra Europe or Revolution Music Festival in Vietnam. He also enjoys performing at Club Octagon in Seoul, South Korea and at Tomorrowland in Belgium.

You can find Manse on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Beatport among other websites.

Check out some of his music below.

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