Exclusive Interview with Count Trapula

Exclusive Interview with Count Trapula

Once a very underground electric dance genre, thanks to Marshmello, Trap has now become one of the leading EDM genres.

Upcoming Trap producer and Dj, Count Trapula, has everyone not only liking his music – but also trying to guess his identity.

While we try to figure out who this masked man is, maybe you will have more luck with the clues he gave us during our exclusive interview.

When did you start making music?

Well, I’ve always been around music. My mother is a singer and my pap actually wrote part of the theme song for Puff the Magic Dragon! I was in a punk/grunge band in high school, and then a few years later I got into electric music but it was more rap-beat related. Only in the past year have I really gotten into making electric, specifically trap.

Why did you start?

I did it for myself at first, showing it to my friends and family and I expanded on it, sharing it with the public -getting constructive criticism so I could improve, and it’s been history from there.

Who was your biggest inspiration?

Tincup, hands down.

What’s your favorite part of Djing?

Bringing people together and watching them have a good time.

Bit of a unique question, but what is it like performing in the helmet?

Hot, very very hot.

What improvements would you like to see in the overall EDM scene? 

I would want people to be more supportive of each other. But I think all around the scene isn’t half bad.

Any upcoming shows or newly released songs?

I will be playing this weekend at the Alice and Wonderlanes event, and during my set I will be playing the full version of my new song, which I will be releasing on my SoundCloud this weekend. 

Maybe now you’re able to piece together who Count Trapula is, if not, then you’re in good company.

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