To become a producer/DJ requires drive, dedication and inspiration. Music is something that sparks a movement, a conversation and even a following. Dave Robb is one of those aspiring DJS. From Trenton, New Jersey, his sound has developed recognition. His intricate sound entices his audience, mixing bass heavy music. Amazingly, he is here with us today in an exclusive Interview with Mix247EDM.


How are you? Thank you for interviewing with us today! How was your summer?

I’m Great, My summer was a lot of fun. Did a lot of relaxing.

Where are you from?
I’m from central NJ, Just outside the capital. Its pretty dope.

That’s great! What genre do you resonate with the most?

I Honestly could not tell you. It really all depends on my mood. Some days I’m all about house and deep bass, other days I just want to rage out to some hardcore sh**.

Who are the major influences in your life?
My Homie “Twon” he’s the one that go me into this mess, he keeps sane and reminds me why I do what I do.

What hobbies do you surround yourself around when you’re not producing?
I’m a creative mind, anything art related whether it be photography or graphic design.

What is your favorite band?
A Day to Remember

What is a typical day for you?
Wake up and go to work 9-6 come home and either chill with my girlfriend or work on some tunes.

What Netflix shows do you watch?
The Office, Parks and Rec, Narcos, and a bunch more.

A Life Into EDM


How were you introduced to EDM?

I’ve always been into dance music, I remember when i was little my mom had a few CD’s of like 80s pop dance music. I would listen to them on repeat. Around 2008, I came across some dubstep and I was hooked ever since.

I know the feeling. Hardcore is one of my favorites that you mix! As a DJ/Producer, what challenges do you face?
Keeping it fun. A lot of times it feels like work and you just want to quit and give up, but you just have to remember why you’re doing it and just make if fun.

What equipment do you use?

Producing: Abelton on a mac pro
DJing: Serato and a DDJ sx2 when im not in a club.

Can you explain to me your thought process?
Chaos. Constant Chaos.

What is an intellectual thought that stays in your mind?
“Don’t chase today, make tomorrow happen.”

EBF, First Shows & Influencers.


Who would you collaborate with if you could?
Chris Lorenzo, his sound is sick.

Tiesto cause he’s a legend.

What is one of you favorite mixes you’ve produced?
One of my favorite mixes I’ve made was this one I called EBF (Electric Bedroom Festival) The name was a joke between me an my homie Twon cause at the time we were literally just DJing for nobody but ourselves, it probably still one of my best sets I’ve made to this day,.Unfortunately soundcloud deleted my account a while back without any warning and I lost the mix.It’s still out floating in internet land somewhere.

Where is the farthest you’ve played?


What was your first show like?
Absolutely amazing, It was literally a dream come true.

If you could meet any producer, who would it be?
Dillon Francis, the dude hilarious and was and still is a huge influence on me today.

I’ve always wanted to start DJING since I could remember, any suggestions?
Start simple, learn the basics. Practice, nobody is going to be great over night. You’re gonna suck when you start but you just gotta fight through the learning phase and you’ll start to have fun once you learn a few tricks. When I started out, I used to try to recreate mixes that I liked. I would listen to mixes over and over and try to devise how the DJ made that transition and I would try to recreate it. Another good thing to do is to just watch a pro, there’s a lot of youtube videos of overhead cams of DJs Djing, just watch what they do and see how its effecting the sounds you hear. And of course, always have fun….Isn’t that the point of doing something like DJING anyway.

Opening For Knife Party


What were they like? What was it like opening up for them / the crowd?

The night went great, the crowd was great and very receptive to everything I was playing. I never actually got to meet or hangout with Knife Party. In all it was an awesome f***** night, that I’ll never forget!

Anyone you’d like to thank today?
Ravi, Will, the whole Soundgarden team, Catharisis and mischief world productions for letting me do my thing and Mix247EDM for having me today!

Where can we follow you on social?
FB: https://t.co/TX954VbXJy
IG: dave_robb
SC: https://t.co/Sx0Z1GFJVV

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