Exclusive Interview with Dubstep Producer Mr. Yukk

Exclusive Interview with Dubstep Producer Mr. Yukk

Don’t worry, his tunes might be highly addictive -but they’re not poisonous; the highly respected Mr. Yukk, a groovy Dubstep producer and Dj, local to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, met up with us for an exclusive interview about his musical endeavors.

Dj name and age: Mr. Yukk, 23

Genre: Dubstep

Years making electric music: 5 years

Social media: SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook.

Why did you want to become a dj? I’ve always enjoyed performing; I’ve been a drummer since I was 10 and after a few friends introduced me to electric music in high school I thought to myself maybe I could make this type of music…so I started looking up Youtube videos and pursued becoming a Dj. The rest is history really. [laughs]

Who was your biggest inspiration? Too many to name and since the music is always evolving I can’t really give just a few specific names. 

Best/most memorable artist you’ve ever played? I love playing along with Lord Swan3x, we always have a really good time.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? [laughs] Realistically or hopefully? Ultimately, I just want to be in a place where I can quit my full time job and comfortably survive by making music… anything beyond that would just be a plus.  

What do you wish you could change about edm? I wish I could take the trends away… It’s like once a specific style gets popular, producers -big and small- seem to head in that same direction which really takes the originality out of new music.

Any new tracks? Two free releases with Damage Sound (record label). Working on some collabs and a few other singles. 

Anything else you want to include? I just want to say that I can’t believe I got to this point and I’m so fortunate to be where I’m at. Really never thought I would be able to play shows; I never knew it would get that serious. It’s all pretty surreal and hopefully it will only get better from here.

If you love some epic underground dubstep tunes, make sure to check out Mr. Yukk on SoundCloud, and if you’re in the Pittsburgh area he will be playing at Rave so Hard on November 26th.

Follow him on social media to stay updated with his greatly anticipated track releases and show dates.

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