Exclusive Interview with Spag Heddy

Exclusive Interview with Spag Heddy

We love bass! Spag Heddy serves us a massive amount of dubstep and Spaghetti that has us head banging! His mixes are filthy and engaging. From to being inspired by Datsik and Skrillex etc, to remixing Don’t Let Me Down Remix by The Chainsmokers, Spag Heddy is a DJ to look out for with his diverse style. Below is our interview with him!

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How was your tour in Australia and New Zealand? Tell us about it! So much fun! Even though I was still recovering from a fever I had only 2 days before leaving and felt like absolutely s***, the super friendly people and hype shows and great hospitality made way up for it.

I heard your mix that you released when you began traveling recently. Totally in love with it!. How was the creative process of collaborating with others DJS?

My collaborations have always happened rather quick and smooth. There’s 3 steps; a producer makes something, sends to other producer who does his magic on it, who sends it back to first who polishes and wraps it up. I only work with producers whose work I love so it’s always been fun and inspiring.

What genre would you put yourself in musically?

Dubstep. Bass music.


How did you come up with your name?

Living with roommates and joking about dj names really. And who doesn’t like spaghetti?

Who is a big inspiration in your life?

Bae, without her there’s no me. Music wise I’ve always looked up and tried to be like Skrillex.

What is the first thing people notice about you?

‘I thought all Dutch people were tall’.

Do you remember the first thing you mixed? What was that like? That was probably at a house party (as in in my home) , using a tiny Behringer controller, mixing Deadmau5 with Excision. We had lots of fun.

What is one of the biggest things that annoy you about mixing? Mixing is fun, it’s mostly that there’s literally always something broken or weird about a CDJ or the mixer or the booth monitors or annoying drunk people trying to talk to you while playing lol.

If you could change one thing about the industry what would it be? More about music, less marketing. So much talent out there that will not have the same chances like the marketed way crappier ones have.

If you were not in the music industry what would you be doing? Video production/ motion graphic design has been a passion of mine almost for as long as I can remember, and I actually have a degree in it. As music took over my life that has been slipping away.

What is your dream gig?

That would be a b2b with Skrillex, in a small club.

Do you have a bass face?

Come to a show and see.

Trap or hardstyle?


What is the craziest thing that has happened during a set?

There have been so funny things happening like on 420 in Denver they threw a basket of joints into the crowd, in Houston they had a blow up mini pool filled with spaghetti and wrestled in it, in Brisbane they didn’t want moshpits and I had 3 pits going on at the same time. I mean this is all not that batcrazy or something but they sure are great memories.

What are your favorite tracks to play or to listen to at the moment? I love playing my own edits and WIPs and VIPs and playing unreleased tunes of friends. Shows should be where you can exclusively hear the newest stuff.

Trance or electronica?

Electronica. Tell us something that we would be surprised to know about you! I also eat other stuff than pasta.

Where are you from originally?

A small town in the east of The Netherlands. Also lived for about 10 years in Utrecht, about an hour from Amsterdam.

Where can we follow your journey?

Pretty much all the big socials really, visually mostly Snapchat (snapheddy).

Do you have any shoutouts or Thank you’s?

Shoutout to all my fans/supporters for making it possible to live of my music and getting to share and join around the world.

Best Of Spag Heddy

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