Fan Favorite Dillion Francis; The Joker of EDM

Fan Favorite Dillion Francis; The Joker of EDM

Two of the best medicines for the soul are said to be music and comedy. Dillion Francis and his humorous persona serve EDM fans a teaspoon of both necessities making him one of the most favorite DJs in the world.

Francis (29), a Los Angeles native, has been making EDM since 2011. He rose to stardom with hits like “Coming Over”, “Get Low” (a collaboration with DJ Snake), “Candy”, and his current hit “Anywhere”.  Francis has built a reputation for doing collaborations and has worked with a lot of talented musicians including Party Favor, NGTMARE, Will Heard and Kygo.

Francis’ success is evident on his social media pages with an astounding 6.16 million followers on Soundcloud. Compare that to other artists like The Chainsmokers with 833 thousand followers and DJ Snake with 705 thousand followers. “Anywhere”, which released over two months ago, has already racked up 2.12 million listens. His Soundcloud bio reveals his comedic persona stating, “I love the internet and pissing off your mom and dad (especially if they’re hippies).”

It is no wonder why his entertaining stage character has made Francis a fan favorite. Just by scrolling through his Twitter, fans not only get to listen to his soothing yet powerful tunes, but also get to see his colorful personality. He shows off his hilarious dance moves during shows and revels comical pictures of him modeling. Francis also communicates with fans and shares a lot of concert videos, including a snippet of him leading the crowd in a “YMCA” performance during a set blackout.

Another quality that Francis is known for is including the moombahton style of music in his songs. Moombahton is the combination of house music with foreign genres such as reggaeton, latin and dutch music. in 2015, Francis linked up with Skrillex releasing their own moombahton mixes and collaborations. Francis is one of the few EDM artists that utilizes this genre and has created it into one of his signature styles.

Wether people love him for his music, persona, or both, Francis is going to be around the EDM world for a long time. Francis is currently touring in Asia but will performing in Los Angeles on December 22nd at Exchange.

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