Farm Fest’s Killer Lineup

Farm Fest’s Killer Lineup

We’re just one week away from Farm Fest, a small, laid-back festival that takes place in New Jersey. But don’t be mistaken – this festival may not draw the tens of thousands of attendees that other electronic festivals do, but it features just as much talent. Here’s a peek at 2016 Farm Fest’s killer lineup.

Electro-funk duo The Floozies always bring their A-game and tons of personality. I saw them absolutely crush it at Mysteryland last month, and can’t wait for another amazing performance.


Electronic-rock band Savoy absolutely never disappoints. While electronic music and lasers practically go hand in hand, Savoy’s visuals are truly next level. If they have their full set-up at Farm Fest this will be icing on the cake.


Vibe Street will be returning to Farm Fest this year, bringing his unique blend of bluegrass, funk, hip-hop, and smiles. This set will surely be a weekend favorite.


Krooked Drivers will get us moving with his soul-inspired, bass-filled tunes. He’s the only one of these featured acts that I haven’t yet seen live, so my excitement for this is through the roof.


Finally, Freddy Todd will give Farm Fest a heavy dose of awesome, futuristic glitchiness.


This is only a small sampling of the amazing mix of artists attendees will be able to catch at Farm Fest next weekend. If you’re on the east coast I would strongly recommend trying to make it – with this fantastic lineup and inexpensive tickets, this may be the best festival deal of the summer.

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