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Father of Deceased Son Suing Live Nation and Insomniac Events for Wrongful Death

Father of Deceased Son Suing Live Nation and Insomniac Events for Wrongful Death

24-year-old Nicholas Tom, of San Francisco, lost his life in 2015 at EDC Las Vegas after taking ecstasy and suffering a seizure.

Despite authorities claiming Tom had ingested a fatal dose of the drug, Tom’s father is pursing a wrongful death and negligence law suit against Live Nation and Pasquale Rotella (Insomniac Events), for what he believes was a “lack of proper medical services,” ultimately lead to his sons death.

In the lawsuit, Tom’s relaid that some fellow festival goers came to his son’s aid by carrying him to the medical tent, but it took more than 30 minutes to find medics. Once they did find a medic, Tom’s claims that the volunteer staffers had no medical experience and that they had “their hands full.” According to the report, Nicholas died on the floor of the medical tent around 3:30a.m.

With temperatures reaching an average of 110 degrees during EDC LV 2015, Tom’s claims the venue was poorly prepared for emergencies, specifically lacking trained medical services and staff and an adequate amount of water sources.

A common drug in the rave scene that carries a misconception of being “safe,” ecstasy has been known to can body temperatures as high as 108 degrees – so high that the body’s organs are destroyed. Multi-organ system failure can begin, which can cause a seizure, coma and death. Not surprisingly, Tom is not the first or last person to die from taking ecstasy during a music festival.

Throughout the years there have been several casualties at Insomniac events, with the latest one being 34-year-old Michael Adam Morse, who died Saturday at EDC LV 2017 around 7:45a.m. details surrounding his death are not immediately known.

Insomniac Events has implemented a strict zero-drug-tolerance rule at their events in the hopes it will make the venue a safer place.

Photo Credit Lexi Williams

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