Featured Artist Argentina Duo HIIO

Featured Artist Argentina Duo HIIO

In the latest feature in Mix 247 EDM we had the esteemed privilege to catch up with HIIO, the Buenos Aires collaborative partnership of two most exciting and talented DJ/producers – Colombia’s Ortzy and Argentina’s Nico Hamuy.

Confirmed artists of Tomorrowland Belgium (2013/2014), Tomorrowland Brasil (2015), Creamfields (2014) and Mysteryland Chile (2013/2014), HIIO have a true festival aura in every live set. Studio based full time in Buenos Aires, HIIO are already letting loose with their engaging, full throttle & emotive progressive house rockets. The new South American powerhouse HIIO are grabbing the attention of the international dance community at the speed of sound.

What is the significance behind your name?

“Originally we had HIIO pronounced as H20, but DJs like Tiesto and Dada Life for example, were pronouncing us as Hee-ohh on their radio shows, so we had to switch the pronunciation to just that- haha. The H represents Nico’s last name Hamuy, and the O represents Ortzy. The II represents us as a duo.”HIIO

How did you meet?

“We were introduced through a mutual friend over in Colombia where Ortzy lived at the time. We then decided to do a collaboration together for our record Something About You Feat. Terri B!. After that we decided we wanted to keep working together, and Ortzy made the move to Buenos Aires, and ever since then HIIO was born.”

Every great DJ/producer has a muse who/what inspires you?

“New music is always inspiring to give us ideas on what direction we want to go for a new track. Of course traveling, and even other genres helps with the inspiration.”

You just released your new record Vortex on Dirty Dutch Records. Tell us about it?

“Vortex is a track we’ve been making for Chuckie’s Dirty Dutch label. It really has that Dirty Dutch sound to it. We’re really excited for this one, and to drop it at our shows and festivals.”

Check our HIIO Vortex on Dirty Dutch below

I myself am a serious foodie so food talk excites me, what is your favorite food?

Ortzy: “Pink Salmon!”
Nico: “Sushi!”

Are there plans for a tour in the Americas soon?

“Most likely for 2016, we will be heading back to Miami for Winter Music Conference, and will maybe have a North American tour in there.”

The video for “Get Up” really gives a visual for how hard that song hits the club scene, how was that song selected overall to shot into video?

“We wanted to show you guys what a night out in Buenos Aires typically looks like. This video was shot at Club One, where we have a residency each month.”

Not to mention, HIIO has also had residencies at some of the most prestigious clubs in South East America such as Madame in Punta Del Este,  Crobar, and PACHA Buenos Aires.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

Ortzy: “I’d be an engineer. That’s what I went to school for!”

Nico: “A soccer player!”

Who is your favorite artist? (EDM or other genera)

Nico: “Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Michael Jackson of course!”
Ortzy: “Skrillex – He is a genius!”

Nico and Ortzy have not only been blowing up the clubs and releasing music but they also have a monthly radio show called ELEMENTS, an hour-long podcast which features the hottest tracks, remixes and bootlegs at the moment.  You can check out HERE.

What advice do you have for up and coming producers/DJ trying to make a name for themselves in such a competitive industry?

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, and find your own sound. Working hard really pays off. don’t listen to what anyone says.”

What are the 3 best perks of doing what you do?

“We love the traveling, and seeing different countries, playing at festivals around the world, and meeting new people.”


Of the 7 deadly sins, which one are you?

Ortzy: “Pride”
Nico: “Sloth”

Everyone has one, what is your guiltiest pleasure

Nico: “I like to sleep before every gig!”
Ortzy: “Sometimes here in Buenos Aires, I like to just speak English to people, and pretend I’m a tourist. Haha It’s good practice for my English at least!”

It was great to get to know these guys know. When they hit the states for their North American tour we will give updates to ticket and venue info. Until then make sure to follow everything they are doing!!!

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By: Karizma Vox