Featured Artist Italy’s Dynamic DJ Duo Flatdisk

Featured Artist Italy’s Dynamic DJ Duo Flatdisk

Meet Flatdisk, the DJ duo from Italy who have constantly evolved and been successful in all outlets they have experimented with in EDM. They have received support from elite names in the dance music world and continue to gain momentum in every release they put out. The best words that Flatdisk offers is “be different and original”, which has made them unique and able to accomplish their goals and rise to a top platform in EDM. It will be exciting to see where Flatdisk takes their incredible talent and how they can take EDM to new and unreached heights. Read all about Flatdisk’s ability to evolve and remain fresh and their thoughts on their rise to the top of dance music.

After being more in the Progressive House genre of EDM what caused Flatdisk to switch to more of a House style?

Let’s say that being more Housy it’s our nature, it is where we feel more at home 🙂

Will there be a continued transformation in the style of music that is released from Flatdisk?

We like to experiment a lot but I think we’ll keep this road for the moment but of course being more fresh as possible with new influences.

What was the feeling like being able to release music from one of the top labels in EDM “Revealed Recordings”?

Oh releasing music on Revealed it just felt amazing. It was a dream come true.

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What are your thoughts on being featured on DJ’s mixes such as Don Diablo’s Hexagon Radio and Laidback Luke’s live mix at Ultra?

Being supported by all those big names it’s just an honor. I think it’s one of the best feelings ever. Seeing your track that came out from your small computer being played on big stages it just feels big !

What went into offering the track “In The Beginning” as a free download to your fans?

Regarding “In the Beginning” we decided to give it away for free because we wanted to share with the fans. We’re planning to give away more music for free in the near future.

You mentioned Avicii on your Facebook page after his announcement of retirement from touring around the globe, how much of an influence has he had on the music Flatdisk has been able to produce?

Oh Avicii is one of the reasons why we started producing. He’s still one of our biggest inspirations. His music means a lot for us.

How much does it mean to have the support of records such as “Blow This Club” supported by top DJ’s like Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Nicky Romero and more?

Having the support from those guys it feels amazing. It’s like having the best exposure for your track and Blow This Club received so many great supports. I think everyone supported and played the track.

What gave you guys the inspiration for the name Flatdisk?

Well our artist name “Flatdisk” refers to everything that is circular, like a galaxy , a spaceship , a vinyl , a cd, a disk lol. Even life itself is circular.

It seems you guys have a love for acoustic guitars, is there a chance we will ever here some acoustic samples in your future tracks?

Yep we use and play a lot of acoustic guitars in our tracks. We both are guitar players so it comes pretty natural. Yes we’ll definitely use acoustic guitar in the future.

Being from Italy, how would you say the dance music culture is different in Europe than it is anywhere else in the world?

Well Dance culture in Italy is pretty backward compared to other countries.

Is there a preferred studio program that is used most often to produce the music for Flatdisk?

Not really , we don’t have a specific way to produce our tracks. It can start everything with a beat or with a piano riff or maybe with a vocal, every time is different.

What advice would you give to those who aspire to be a part of a DJ duo such as you guys?

Our advice to new producers/DJ’s is to be as unique as possible. Especially nowadays the market wants to hear the difference sonically speaking. So yes always try to be different and original.

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Article by Alex Soto