Featured Artist Interview: Angelika Vee

Featured Artist Interview: Angelika Vee

Angelika Vee is an amazing singer, songwriter and producer, with a catchy new single out called, “All Nighter.” I was fortunate to be able to ask Angelika a few questions and learn more about her musical influences and aspirations. I loved her thoughtful and upbeat responses, and can’t wait to hear more of her music going forward. Check out my full interview with Angelika Vee below!

How did you get into music? Do you come from a musical family? 

My mom studied a little bit of music but didn’t follow music as a career path, so she always wanted me and my sister to follow her path. I remember playing or at least trying to press on the piano keys since I was 3 or so, but I officially started learning piano at the local music school at the age of 6.

You grew up in Moldova and studied in Romania. How is the music scene different in that part of Europe than it is here?

I would say that I’m very happy I come from Moldova, since I believe our (music background culture) has multiple European and Russian influences. Because of that, the system at the music schools & universities there is very strong, strict and the level one must perform at is very high. So I’m definitely glad I received an education in one of the most powerful music schools in Moldova and Romania. Classical music is not a big part of my life at the moment, and the mainstream music scene is constantly changing where I come from, but I’m happy people support and love my music there. 🙂

We here at Mix 247 EDM are totally digging your track with Morgan Page, “Safe Till Tomorrow (Pegboard Nerds remix).” What was it like working with such a big name in house music?

Thank you so much, I’m definitely digging that remix myself. 🙂 I was very excited to get in the session with Morgan Page along with another very talented songwriter, Asia Whiteacre. We had an instant “click” and understanding of what we wanted to write in the session, so the melodies came rushing through and it was one of those moments when you know you wrote something good and feel very pleased.

Do you have any dream collaborations, other artists you’d absolutely love to work with?

I have a songwriting dream collaboration, Max Martin! Maybe one day. As far as artists collaborations go, I’d have to say… Justin Timberlake, ZyanTwenty One Pilots or MO would be cool.

In addition to being an incredible vocalist you’re also a really talented songwriter. Which do you like better – being a performer yourself or hearing others perform the songs that you wrote?

Ideally I’d like to be the performer of the songs that I write, however knowing that I’m able to write for other artists and they’re able to touch others with their music through their voice is also very cool.

I love that your music spans multiple genres, from beautiful ballads like “Sing Me to Sleep” to the more tropical house feel of your new single, “All Nighter.” As someone with a lot of formal music training, how did you evolve from the more classical styles into dance music?

I’m glad you guys like my new single “All Nighter.” 🙂 As an artist, you always wanna make sure your music is current and you relate to the songs you put out into the world. I guess I always loved pop/dance music so it wasn’t very hard to make the transition since I grew up listening to different genres. I listened to everything from Ace of Base to Madonna, and even Celine Dion and Stevie Wonder. I think that’s why there’s a love for dance music and also for ballads and acoustic songs as well, but I can truly say that classical music definitely helped me in developing my style and shaped me as an artist and songwriter (understanding chords, structures and styles, etc).

Dance music seems to be such a male-dominated field. Have you found this to be more challenging or more exciting as a female artist?

I actually don’t think it’s that challenging, if anything is more interesting and getting all the attention is quite nice haha 🙂 all you have to do as a girl is make sure your rights are protected (basically have a good lawyer) and the rest is a piece of cake. 🙂

Do you have any advice to other kickass women out there who are trying to make it in the world of EDM?

I love my kickass EDM girl, Aruna. She gave me lots of good advice in the business and how to stay strong/focused in this industry, so I really appreciate getting this feedback from someone so talented like herself and whom I admire very much.

You’re known for doing really fun covers of pop songs. I noticed that your YouTube followers tend to suggest songs for you to cover. Have you ever used one of their suggestions? Or how do you decide which songs to cover?

I mainly choose to cover songs I really like, I definitely take into account the suggestion of my followers as sometimes they will suggest a song that I probably don’t know, and it’s always fun understanding what your fans like to hear from you.

What does Angelika Vee do for fun when you’re not working on your music?

When I’m not working on my music, I discovered that I love editing videos, also of course going out with friends, shopping (like any girl!), getting some “me” time at the spa, or relaxing by the beach and enjoying my free time in a nice environment with good food (and of course some nice wine).

Will we be able to catch Angelika Vee performing live any time soon?

Yes this is on my TO DO list. As we speak I am scheduling my next performance and you will know all about it very soon 😉

Tell us an Angelika Vee fun fact! Something we wouldn’t otherwise know about you.

I don’t like picking up the phone. I don’t like phone calls. 🙂 Maybe because when I’m in the studio usually the phone tends to be a vibe killer. Text message me. 🙂

Where can everyone follow Angelika Vee?

People can follow me on my soundcloud page, www.soundcloud.com/AngelikaVee and of course Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, subscribe to my Youtube channel of course and snapchat me @angelikavee

Do you have any shoutouts or thank you’s?

Big thanks to my family and friends for all their constant help and support. Love you!

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us!

Thank you very much Mix247EDM, it was really my pleasure.

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