Featured Artist Interview: DIM3NSION

Featured Artist Interview: DIM3NSION

DIM3NSION is a trance producer from Spain who is quickly gaining a global following. He graciously answered some questions for us. Read on to learn more about this amazing producer – you’ll be seeing big things from him in the future!

You started producing music at such a young age – who were some of your early musical influences?
My biggest influences were (and still are) the biggest trance artists of that time: Ferry Corsten, Tiësto and Armin van Buuren.

Where does the name “DIM3NSION” come from?
Back in the day I had a very crappy computer where I produced my music on, which was horrible btw. After some time my parents bought me a new computer which allowed me to make better music and get it signed to labels, so I had to think about an artist name. The computer was a Dell Dimension C521, I liked the word so stuck with it and now we’re taking it to the next level with DIM3NSION.

I imagine that the dance music world has evolved a lot in the years that you’ve been producing. What changes have you noticed in the scene during that time?
Well, I feel very lucky because I’m from the generation of producers that has these awesome virtual instruments and software to make music with, the threshold to get your creativity out there is lower than in the past when you needed a lot of expensive hardware. But maybe the biggest change I noticed is that with all these improvements which make it easier, the dance scene is now very easily accessible and the competition is huge. That’s good in my opinion, because it’s very hard to break through because the competition is so big and so good, but when you break through it makes it so much more rewarding. I think that’s why there are so many good producers out there, they’re forced to step up their game because of the competition. Perhaps all of this combined is the reason for the popularity of the dance scene nowadays.

I love your recent release, “Celeste,” which has the beautiful melodies that trance fans know and love, but also incorporates some more intense, almost electro-house-like moments. What can you tell us about the motivation behind this track?
Thanks a lot! For me, “Celeste” is one of my biggest tracks in terms of production, I’m very happy with the final result. My motivation behind this was to make something a bit different of what I usually do. Sometimes I like to try to do something a bit different of my usual sound (very uplifting) just to stimulate my creativity. I’m a big fan of the sound of Anjunabeats, so I tried to make something in that style of trance.

You’ve had some incredible milestones in your career recently, including being featured in ASOT (Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” radio show), reaching the top 10 on the Beatport Trance chart, and more. What are some other goals that you have for your career?
For me, the most important thing is to keep producing and release good music that people (will hopefully) love, that they can recognize my style and for myself to keep having fun in the studio. It’s good to have big goals but it can be frustrating at times, so it’s important to keep motivating myself. I’d say that increasing my bookings and perhaps sign a track on a big and recognized label like Anjunabeats would be good goals for 2017 haha.

You’re an incredibly hard-working producer, and it seems that you’re constantly putting out new tracks or mixes. Where do you draw inspiration from when you’re writing new songs?
To be honest, I don’t do anything special to get inspiration. I just listen to a lot of music all the time and play around in my sequencer (FL Studio). I often go for a walk to clear my mind, which helps a lot, and as I mentioned before I try to do something very different from time to time to keep my creativity going. Inspiration comes at strange moments sometimes, you can work in the studio for hours and nothing will come to you, but sometimes you’re doing something completely different and suddenly the melody of your life hits haha.

What do you do when you’re not working on your music?
In the past I loved to play football, it was my favorite thing besides music but I screwed up my knee so bad that I can’t play anymore unfortunately. So now I try to get out of the house often for a walk at the beach, around town or just to have drinks with some friends. I also love to take a drive in my car and just listen to some new music.

What projects are you on working on right now? What can we expect from DIM3NSION in 2017?
At the moment I’m working on two vocal singles, there’s a follow-up single to the “Origami / Mangata / Dopamina” chapter on Flashover coming and I just signed a track to Pure Trance. The vocal singles are in talks with some very big labels but I can’t say anything about that yet haha.

What music are you listening to these days?
Depends on my mood, but often melodic dubstep, electronica and of course; trance!

What is the craziest thing to happen during one of your sets?
That’s easy, the first time I played in the same DJ booth back to back with my biggest inspiration: Ferry Corsten. Surreal moment.

Tell us a DIM3NSION fun fact – something we would be surprised to know about you.
​I can be a very shy guy when I’m somewhere for the first time haha.

Any New Years Resolutions?
I’m more motivated than ever and 2017, it seems, will be a really big year! So my resolution is to make that promise come true, keep working hard and make special things happen!

Where can everyone follow you?
On Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram via @dim3nsionmusic!

Thanks for the nice chat!​

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