Featured Artist Trap Queens – Duelle

Featured Artist Trap Queens – Duelle

We had the pleasure to interview edm sister duo Danielle and Gabrielle Verderese who make up, Duelle. Known as the TRVP Queens the high energy duo now makes their home in Los Angeles but you can catch them throughout the United States. Check out our interview with Duelle below.

How did you discover you wanted to be in the music industry?
We have been dancing and singing/songwriting since we were young so it was always an interest of ours to get into the industry eventually.

What is it like to be sisters and together so often doing the same thing?
We have always had the same passion and interests so it is really cool to team up with your sister and be able to do something you love together.

Your latest tracks “Gas Me Up” and “Bang Bang” are rough and in your face sound while “Ice” is the complete opposite with a more soft, sensual sound. Which do you prefer to showcasing more?

We have two sides. A fiery, high energy strength not only in a majority of our music but on stage while performing. But then we also enjoy making melodic, vibey music as well and you always need a good balance.

We listen to different genres of music, not only in dance music and take in elements from each which is why our sound is so unique.
Are there any challenges you have faced as female artists in a male dominated industry?

Absolutely. We face these challenges everyday and strive to make ourselves equal as females but it is certainly much tougher. The guys don’t show as much support to girls in the industry so that is why it continues to be dominated by males. You just have to keep fighting and make your own lane, and there are a lot of girls on the come up right now so hopefully we will see a change in the future.

What has been your most memorable experience so far?
Probably TomorrowWorld. There is something about the vibe of a major festival and the way the fans are so supportive and passionate, it is truly a euphoric feeling.

Who would you like to collaborate with someday on a track?
Yellow Claw or RL Grime.

What is the biggest misconception about you?
We are not Krewella. Haha we have been compared to them a lot over the years because we are sisters and we go hard live, but they call us the trap queens and we not only sing, but rap as well which I think separates us.

What is one track/song that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it? Any genre.
Skrillex ft. Damien Marley – Make It Bun Demduelle

Name something we would be surprised to know about you?
We are witches. We’re really into energies with candles and crystals and stuff.

What are the 3 best perks of doing what you do?
Traveling and getting to visit cities we’ve never been, meeting beautiful people in each city who support you and sharing all these awesome memories with your sister living out your dream.

Of the 7 deadly sins, which one are you?

If you were not in the music industry what would you be doing?
Probably would own a dance studio together and be teaching dance still.

What are you most excited about in 2016?
Releasing our debut EP, titled “The Paragon.” Along with an epic music video for the first single, “Want It All.”

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