Featured Colorado Artist Up Tone’s Jesse Gardziel

Featured Colorado Artist Up Tone’s Jesse Gardziel

Coming to a club near you soon is Jesse Gardziel a quickly emerging EDM artist out of Colorado Springs, CO. We had a chance to catch up with Gardziel for our latest feature of local EDM artists. Find out a little about Jesse and follow him and his music in the links below

How and when did you got involved in EDM?

I first got involved with the music industry in early high school. There was a company that was throwing teen parties back in Connecticut. I stated off as a promoter and then worked my way to being their residential DJ. This is what got me from my bedroom to the clubs and soon to college parties.

How is your music/style is different from others?

What makes me different compared to other DJs would how I mix and perform. When I DJ live I am playing edits that allow me to connect to the crowd and keep them hyped. My sets are very high energy but can go all over the place with many genres. I play a lot of headlining music but then I throw in Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Reggae, Throwbacks and Top 40. Other than getting on the mic and having a good time my audience using edits really keeps my sets alive. It kinda fills it all in for me, you know. You have your drops and build ups that get the crowd going but then when the drop breaks down I could be throwing in anything from Purple Haze by Jimmy Hendrix to Jump around by the House of Pain. People come to shows to party and that is exactly what I do with them.

Which venues or clubs you have played at?

Back in CT I played many clubs such as Empire, Pulse, Boku and more under CT Clublife. Then there was Toads Place, an infamous concert hall where I had a residency with their glow party series. Toads Place was home to me. My parents went on their first date there and it is crazy to think of how many names have played on that stage. I keep a Rolling Stones poster from 1989 a toads in my studio. I have also played at CT’s new EDM venue Tuxedo Junction right before I moved. As far as Colorado goes, I have played at Cassleman’s Bar and Venue along with The Church Nightclub in Denver.

Who or what inspires you?

Some artists I look up to are MAKJ, Henry Fong, TJR, Brillz, and DJ Tek One. As far as inspiration goes, it is the lifestyle I live and my pursuit to move forward in this industry.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to be touring the country with my own company. I would love to be the hype man/resident DJ for a tour one day.

Memorable moments so far?

When I was playing at Tuxedo Junction in CT we were switching over DJs. I was about to go on as the crowd started to head off the dance floor. There was probably a good 300 people there that night but the club was huge. I start off my sets with intro edits I make. I have started with Lion King, Harry Potter and other theme songs. This time I was playing my Rugrats edit. When I pressed play and that came on I saw a good 100 kids coming running onto the dance floor and throwing down to the Rugrats theme song. My edits tend to surprise the crowd

Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/up_tone

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/UP-Tone/447417392032932