[Listen] Feed Me’s Existential Crisis – Feed Me EP

[Listen] Feed Me’s Existential Crisis – Feed Me EP

One of my favorite DJs of all time, Jon Gooch (AKA Feed Me and Spor), has a new EP out entitled Feed Me’s Existential Crisis. The EP has been released on mau5trap and can be readily heard right here at a moment’s notice. Feed Me’s Existential Crisis has only five tracks throughout the electrifying collection of tunes and is absolutely worth the listen to start to finish. Fans of earlier Feed Me will totally dig the effects he’s known for and the newer trance harmony that’s dominating the beats.

Feed Me’s Existential Crisis starts with the track “Existential Crisis” appropriately enough. The trance kicks right in and just embraces the signature, crunchy style Feed Me is known for. The visual sound bar goes high and low in a comforting way, while the track really embraces the reverb elements throughout. The scratch effects near the end are pretty unique too.

The second track, “Starcrash,” has a really cool, sinister kind of start. This winds into a rhythmic beats and breaks kind of feel, and of course more crunchy, crunchy bass. “Shell Pet” has a similar “cool” feel to the track, but picks up with more energy and distortion. The entire track almost sounds like a garage rock band far away from the speakers oddly. There’s a lot of elements at play in the synth, and the harmony really takes hold well.

“Beans Baxter” has a quiet start and an odd sample, but then those crunchy beats and breaks that just creep up your spine and make you nod with the beat come into play. Everything is nice and wavy once the song picks up. There’s twang and whirly effects that come in too, creating a kind of disorienting vibe. “Crazy Maybe ft. Kill the Noise & Anjulie” has a more ethereal feel at first, compared to the other tracks, but builds into this wobble-fest that totally rocks.

Feed Me has always had a way of transcending time in his songs, so the play on an “Existential Crisis” is pretty intriguing. Check out the EP today!

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