Fenech-Soler Releases Music Video for “Conversation”

Fenech-Soler Releases Music Video for “Conversation”

In a time where the music video can make or break a song, English electro-pop band Fenech-Soler releases something new, unexpected, and totally of the time. Their new music video for their track “Conversation” is in complete 360 degrees.

What does that mean exactly? Just imagine you’re in the center of the room while the band performs. You can turn your head whichever direction you’d like…. or you can even stare at the ceiling. You can stare at one band member the entire time or you can have a little time with each person. It’s basically a choose your own adventure music video. Your experience will be different every single time you watch it. It provides you with a very intimate and unique experience with Fenech-Soler.

With VR measuring up to be the next frontier in visual entertainment, many platforms are releasing content meant to be viewed in 360 degrees. What’s interesting is seeing it being used in conjunction with music – which is more about audio than visuals. This shows that Fenech-Soler really has a sense of where the entertainment industry is headed as a whole. With that, this band just released their third studio album. “ZILLA” came out on February 3rd and has solidified the band as a force that is here to stay.

While the best viewing experience for this video is with a VR headset, you can still experience “Conversation” in 360 degrees right on your computer. While watching the video, you just click and drag the mouse to “turn your head” instead of just doing it with the headset on. It really is a must-watch. Its got a minimalist black and white concept that really lets you concentrate on the band and their music.

With Fenech-Soler being this in-tune with the time, it’ll be exciting to see what they have in store for us next.

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