FestEvo Is About To Change The Game For Music Festivals

FestEvo Is About To Change The Game For Music Festivals

FestEvo is a brand new platform that is about to change everything about the music festival game.

Launched this past December, the innovative app makes it easier for festivalgoers to plan, learn and execute their music events. Think of it as your one-stop shop for everything music festival!

Tucker Gumber, CEO, and Founder created the app after attending over 126 festivals in just seven years. He set out to discover the challenges that festivals face and then learn how to solve them. Thus, FestEvo was born!

The app focuses on several different aspects to improve the overall festival experience. For instance, Gumber strives to establish a festival ‘etiquette.’ This is why he wrote “The FestivalGoers Guide.” The guide includes hacks and philosophy from veteran festivalgoers which creates a vision for the ideal festival lifestyle. He is noted saying that,

“I realized festivaling is just as much of an outdoor hobby as my other passions of fishing, golfing, and snowboarding…It brings people together. The more you do it, the better you get at it, the more gear you add to your collection, the more fun you have doing it.”

In addition, FestEvo is here to help your travel and gear collection become as seamless as possible. All the planning necessities located in one happy place. The app has partnered with Priceline to offer exclusive travel deals as well as several hot clothing/gear brands including SpiritHoods, GrassRoots California and JUCY RV Rentals. Exclusive discounts with these brands and more are available for members only.

Another brilliant aspect of this app is the ease of discovering new or up and coming artists. For each festival, music will be available from every artist in the lineup. Members can rank artists back to back in order to discover those he or she likes. Users can discover new fabulous artists so easily before going to the event!

Perhaps the most exciting and innovative part of this app is the member rewards program! It works similarly to frequent flier miles. Festivalgoers will now be rewarded with this app with PROPS. Users can earn this currency by participating in ranking artists, buying merch, booking travel and inviting friends. Members can spend their PROPS on raffles which offer various prices from new gear to festivals and more!

FestEvo as well as Gumber desire to create an inviting and inclusive community for festivals. This is only the very beginning so it is exciting to see what this app has in store next!

FestEvo is available now on iTunes and GooglePlay for just a $10 yearly subscription! Make sure to check out their website by following this link to learn more!

Check out this informative video below from a hands-on perspective!