Festival Outfit Basics to Help Create Your Perfect Look

Festival Outfit Basics to Help Create Your Perfect Look

At a loss for what to wear this festival season? Well, we got you covered… literally. Check out these classic, but absolutely fabulous options to help you get an idea for what you’re going to pack this year!

We all know how great it feels to put together the perfect festival outfit. You emit a feeling of power, wonder and just plain happiness. Then, you can strut yourself down from your campsite, and see all the smiling festie goers all on their way to see music. Ahh festival culture truly is an amazing thing.

Well let’s get things going. Again, this is just a list to get the juices flowing. A jumping off point if you will. Soon you will be proud of your lovely, unique, quirky outfit for this upcoming season.

High Waisted Jean Shorts:


This basic trend is an ideal staple for your festival outfit.  High waisted shorts are just a great way to tie together a look.  The cut is comfortable, looks fabulous with almost any top, and deeper pockets to hold your personal belongings. Not to mention, I’m sure you already own a pair so no purchase necessary!!

Halter Top:

halter top

Halter tops are absolutely amazing for festival attire. To begin, these shirts are super cute and make an outfit look chic and stylish without a lot of effort! No shoulder coverage and straps make it very easy to get your tan on. Plus, the lack of sleeves really makes it fun and care free to get your groove on. On top of that, there are countless adorable styles of halter tops that really can make an outfit look unique!

Flowy Dress/Skirt:

slowy skirtflowy dress

Finally, the trend of wearing a flowy dress or skirt couldn’t be better at a festival setting. Nothing sticking to your body as you dance the day away is perfect for those hot summer festie days. The patterns on these articles are always so distinct, therefore you can definitely stand out in the crowd. Also, you can just stop by your local Good Will or any thrift shop to find one for super cheap!


Remember, having the perfect festival outfit is not essential for having a great time this season. It just helps. The true test of a great fest is surrounding yourself with great friends, fire music and positive vibes. Happy dancing this year!!

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