Finnish Producer and DJ Yotto Talks Touring and Career Advice

Finnish Producer and DJ Yotto Talks Touring and Career Advice

With  Playa Del Carmen’s The BPM Festival coming up, we got in touch with one of the festival’s new acts: Finnish DJ and Producer Yotto.

All the way from Helsinki, Finland Yotto has surely become one of this years must watch artists. Yotto tells us all about what it takes to land the big festival spots, and touring like you mean it.

Beginning his music career at only 12 years old Yotto used piano keys and a fuzzy synthesizer to create beats. As time went on he drew influences from his father who was a self-acclaimed ex-rocker.

When asked if Yotto still holds any admiration for his former rock inspirations he admits the band Faith No More is still great. “Bombay Bicycle Club [are good to, although] on the other end of the spectrum” he says.

Today, Yotto is mixing songs made by more anthemic rock bands with pop influences like Coldplay. He says he jumped on remixing the bands song “Adventure of a Lifetime” because it was such an epic “summer tune.”

 Next “I will probably remix something that is not dance music or electronic,” he says.mix-247-edm-interview-with-yotto

Yotto has been touring on and off since 2011, where he played at the Solfa in Tokyo Japan. Last year he was everywhere from the United Kingdom to Spain to Hungary. According to Yotto, in order to survive this kind of extensive traveling; you have to keep your energy levels up with “sports gear and melatonin”.

When in the U.S., the Finnish DJ and producer admits his favorite part about the States are the people. Being here is always a “great time” he says. “Each state has it’s own characteristics and history, I love learning about that.”

Some New Years resolutions on the horizon for the music mogul, are to complete an album. Yotto has been focusing on getting music made, and touring to get it heard. Which has in turn put completing an album, in the back seat. In fact one piece of advice from Yotto to his younger self would be to “finish tracks instead of making 4000 drafts.”

Although Yotto does plan to put together a new studio and finish up a lot of his music in early 2017; you can expect to see him out on the road again soon. He assures “the touring never stops.”

If you want to get pumped for Yotto’s set like he does, you can put on some of his classic favorites like Daft Punk’s “High Life” and “do some pushups or jump around”. Pro Tip: “Get dressed about 45 seconds before you’re supposed to jump in the car.”

Before you head to The BPM Festival take a listen to his music

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