First Webster Hall, Now American Beauty’s Slake

First Webster Hall, Now American Beauty’s Slake

The New York bass scene lost an amazing venue last year, Webster Hall, which rumors say won’t be open until 2019. And now, there’s a possibility that we will lose American Beauty’s Slake NYC. First Webster Hall, Now Slake NYC.

American Beauty NYC Sold By Owners

Slake NYC, which is a section in American Beauty’s venue, confirmed the news of the venue being sold. Slake is a section of the venue American Beauty. It’s always sad to see an establishment that people love close down due to switching managers and owners.

Slake NYC

Rumors circulated on Facebook about the Slake NYC being sold. It was confirmed by American Beauty the venue was sold. Another place being sold is disheartening to the dubstep community.

It was first Webster Hall, a place that had been open since the 1900’s. American Beauty also discusses who brought American Beauty, which was Herald Square Properties in 2016. They also announced that on New Year’s Eve, that American Beauty will close its doors.

Some people were devastated that another venue is being sold or being taken over by new management. The news wasn’t as devastating as the close of Webster Hall.  So many people missed the location and vibes of Webster Hall and now American Beauty’s Slake.

Recently, people have relied more on Schimanski, Output and the Brooklyn Warehouse venues. Some people commute such a long way to go to travel, let alone attend a show. The bass scene in New York lost Webster Hall, which was devastating to many loyal concert goers, including the bass community. A lot of people rely on these venues because of the authenticity, the fun, and the location. But, with so many of these venues and clubs being sold, it will be more difficult to get out to these venues?

I wonder if there will be a new club opening up in NYC. What are your thoughts about American Beauty being sold? Let us know in the comments below!