[Listen] Fisher – Ya Kidding (Single)

[Listen] Fisher – Ya Kidding (Single)

Australian EDM DJ and artist, Fisher, released a new track entitled “Ya Kidding” that is an absolute must-listen. Although the specific mix I first hear “Ya Kidding” on escapes me, I remember how it stood out compared to the other tracks. When “Ya Kidding” came on, the pure funk and heavy bass of the song really grabbed me, and brought me way back to early techno and house. “Ya Kidding” by Fisher is modern day classic house at its finest.

The start is slow, very climatic, as most deep house songs begin. The initial sound effects accompany a rhythmic percussion intro very well, particularly this electric clink that just resonates so well with the claps. There’s a siren that comes in now and again throughout “Ya Kidding” which is distorted in a way that slows it down to be more inviting, usually signifying a build-up or right before the drop, and is totally not like the annoying shrieking siren in most bangers.

The synth work after certain breakdowns is playful and pretty unique. Instead of just the heavy bass line (which is totally righteous by itself), there’s this electric twang that accompanies the percussion nicely. It changes things up right when it needs to most. The use of cymbals is not only effective, but a source of constant chillness throughout “Ya Kidding” too. All in all, I would also say the length of “Ya Kidding” makes it hard to put in words. It’s a complex song, but at the same time the flow is so unified.

“Ya Kidding” by Fisher is so very deep house in the best possible way. The bass and the funk are effortlessly one, creating this gritty, grimy vibe that can’t be put in words. Fans of old school techno and house will absolutely love “Ya Kidding” by Fisher; the sheer heaviness of it is something to behold.

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