Flosstradamus Brings The Hype Trap To Park City

Flosstradamus Brings The Hype Trap To Park City

Most of the time when I attend shows, I usually have these expectations of what music is going to be dropped, who I’m going to rage with, or just expect anything that pops in my mind. However, Flosstradamus gave out a whole different vibe than what I was expecting and I absolutely loved it!

This past Thursday, February 8th, Curt Cameruci, aka. Flosstradamus raged his way to Park City Live in Park City, Utah to blow the audience away with his hydnation affection and it was one of the best club performances I have ever witnessed. Everything was so perfectly in tune with the crowd and being inside felt so similar to being at a festival – that’s how much Curt throws down!

Opening the night was the LA-based duo, RAWTEK and they absolutely threw down! They definitely knew how to pump up a crowd. Throughout their set they played many different genres, from hip-hop to Latino beats, everyone around my crew was dancing away. Levi and Daniel, aka. RAWTEK definitely know how to open up a show – I hope I get a chance to see them somewhere next time I’m back in LA! I also remember during this time, my friend and I kept getting pulled into different random tables to chill with everyone’s squad and it was super fun. Opening sets are the best time to meet new people and vibe your way into the headlining set.

Finally, the trap prince came on and blew everyone’s mind! Flosstradamus absolutely killed the show! From trap beats from artists like TroyBoi and 4B to his big-time hits “Soundclash” and “Moshpit”, he got everyone throwin’ hands. I loved it when he played his throwback because I honestly love the old Flosstradamus – brings back such amazing memories, but I also loved the new hits he dropped, including his new track with Dillon Francis “Tern It Up”. Dillstradamus all the way! What I love about Curt is that his club sets take me back to living the festival vibe – even with all the crowdedness in the venue and all the pushing and shoving that occurs, I still felt the festival vibes and that’s what mattered most. I was with people that loved Floss as much as I do and there was nothing but good vibes!

Thank you Flosstradamus for an epic thirsty Thursday! I hope to turn up with you sometime soon.

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