[LISTEN] Flume Releases Skin Companion EP 2

[LISTEN] Flume Releases Skin Companion EP 2

On February 17, 2017,  Flume unveiled new music in his most recent work. Titled ‘Skin Companion EP 2,’ a four track EP is truly about quality over quantity. The new music coincides with some of the songs from ‘Skin’ but adds its own unique touch and distinct sounds. Hip hop recording artist Pusha T and English indie rock band Glass Animals are just a few featured artists that are on ‘Skin Companion EP 2.’ It’s an amazing contribution to the diversity of the EP. 

About Skin Companion EP 2

Flume discussed his thoughts about the EP in an interview with Triple J:

I’m really happy with how the Companion EP 2 has come out. There’s so many tracks I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for so long now and I think it’s kinda the end of the Skin kinda campaign and it’s a nice way to end it because it’s instrumental stuff, there’s some vocal collabs… I’m just really proud of how it’s turned out.

After Flume’s third studio album, ‘Skin’ was released last year. With that, there were positive reactions. It seemed to be the only outcome was good reviews. Even considering, it was the first album that the Australian DJ has released in four years. Over the course of time, Flume has revolutionized into one of the most respected, versatile and well-known DJs in the electronic dance music scene. Flume has won several ARIA awards. It doesn’t stop there! He was awarded for Best Producer, Album of the year and also his first Grammy for Best Dance Album of the Year this year. Not a shock, there were little expectations were probably set on a second EP. It was sure to hype fans up even more.

‘Skin Companion EP 2’ is now available to purchase in stores and online. With the EP, Flume is currently on tour and will be making a few stops in South America and the U.S. before en route to Europe. Click here to see if he’s touring near you!


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