Four Instruments in One

Four Instruments in One

The“ARTIPHON INSTRUMENT 1.” is a new instrument was launched on a kickstarter. It raised $80,000 in support in just 6 hours and is currently at $395,766 with 1,056 backers. This new “multi-instrument” is able to act as many different functions including  guitar, drum, piano, and controller. It can also perform as a sitar or even saxophone.

The creator is Mike Butera, a Sound Studies graduate from Virginia Tech. Working with the Nashville-based company Antiphon, he designed this amazing instrument as a one-for-all way to play.

Currently, you can sign up to purchase 3 different designs and the instrument starts at just $349. Producers and musicians alike are already very excited about trying it.

“We believe anyone can make music, and that most people really want to. Like snapping an Instagram, now you don’t have to already be a professional to start making music and enjoy every note. We’re building an instrument that empowers people to play music apps beyond the touchscreen, and we want to inspire people to explore music-making in their everyday lives”

“Our patented technology enables a new type of musical experience focused on exploration and creativity rather than skill sets and signal chains. It’s an entirely new approach to what a musical instrument can do. ”


Connect the INSTRUMENT 1 to hundreds of apps on mobile devices and computers, and it can literally make any sound imaginable. No really, we’re serious.

For instance, you can plug it into Apple’s Garageband and start strumming. If you’re set to a guitar sound, it will sound like a guitar. Then switch to piano, and start matching your technique to new sounds. Or open a synth app like Moog’s Animoog and explore sounds you’ve never heard before.
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