Freaky Deaky Milwaukee 2017: Review

Freaky Deaky Milwaukee 2017: Review

Freaky Deaky Milwaukee came and went. This year’s lineup boasted a healthy dose of bass artists from  Boogie T to Bassnectar as well as those sprinkling in some funk, hip-hop and Chicago house including Ganja White NightMija and Flatbush Zombies.

Friday at Freaky Deaky Milwaukee (October 27)

Night one of the two-day Midwest Halloween music festival closed with GRiZ whose set included a special cameo that brought Boogie T to the DJ decks. Despite Friday traffic, we arrived at a relatively early time considering doors opened at 8 p.m. and the last DJ during each night took the stage at 12:15 a.m. Getting out of our Uber a little before 9pm, we were surprised to see the line wrap around the corner of the Wisconsin Center, host to this year’s Freaky Deaky.

After recent unfortunate incidents, I can’t blame the security measures and safety precautions massive entertainment events are taking; however, I thought perhaps the check-in process could be a little be more structured. Perhaps have different points of entry or have the lines start inside versus outside considering temperatures were probably the coldest the Midwest has had in awhile.

After 40 minutes of waiting in the line, passing through security and getting our tickets scanned we were ready to catch the last 15 minutes or so of Opiuo; thinking we’d be able to catch more of his set since we were not a far car drive from the venue.

Entering the space, I quickly noticed how big the venue space was and quickly scanned the floor space to ease myself into the bass vibrations for the night and following night. Another thing I noticed throughout the night was that I never really had to wait in line long whether it was for a drink or to use the restroom.

They also had a water station, and had I known I would have brought my Camelbak or some empty bottles but still water was very reasonably priced. There were two options for restrooms: portal restrooms set-up outside (no wait) or using the indoor facilities (some wait but not too bad).

The night closed out with soul, funk and much love–the type of feels that GRiZ is known to elicit.

Saturday at Freaky Deaky Milwaukee (October 28)

Saturday’s crowd was a tad more…vivacious if you so will. As mentioned before, kudos to REACT Presents and those who supported Freaky Deaky Milwaukee because after experiencing my fair share of shows and festivals, I could see they were following through with safety protocol.

Although the second night for Freaky Deaky Milwaukee was sold out, the spacious venue didn’t feel overcrowded–a major plus. For those who like to be in the thick of it, you had the option of going in deep into the crowd, but for those who like to have a little more elbow room you had the ability to catch the DJs from the back and still feel “close” enough.

After having seen Bassnectar in an outdoor setting at Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect for an indoor Nectar show. Additionally, there was the internal debate of catching the bass god up close and personal to feel those bass waves or catch him from afar to better appreciate the beautiful production visuals his sets are known for.

Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too. We started close and moved our way around toward the back catching him from different points of the crowd. No regrets. Bassnectar ended promptly at 1:30 a.m. teasing the crowd with the first few seconds of one of his latest tracks ‘Underground‘ featuring G Jones.

Music festivals are never easy for those behind-the-scenes and managing it from start to finish, so while there is always room for improvement this year’s Halloween Midwest music festival takeover was one for the books. Freaky Deaky, see you next year!

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