The Future of EDM According to Skrillex

The Future of EDM According to Skrillex

Now that electronic dance music is a part of popular culture and no longer just an underground phenomenon, many people are starting to ask the question whether EDM is just a trend or if it’s here to stay.

There have been recent Twitter debacles, and statements have been made by Skrillex to Rolling Stone magazine stating, “I do believe [EDM] will go away.”

Skrillex believes that business people are ruining the “ratio of artistry,” in the industry

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in general.

Then, after Rolling Stone released the article explaining why he’s now a Bieber fan, and asked the interviewer, “if you get an opportunity to work with someone who’s the biggest artist in the world — what would you say?”

It is interesting however that Skrillex is saying that business people are the ones who will cause the demise of electronic dance music when they are very ones who got him to work with Justin Bieber in the first place, ultimately contributing to ruining the “ratio of artistry.”

Essentially all music evolves into itself, never going away and never staying the same. Much like the human condition, music, all music especially electronic will now and forever be an influence on artists and fans everywhere.

Let us know your thoughts on Skrillex statement about the industry. Are business people really ruining the “ratio of artistry?”

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