[Listen] Galimatias – Let Me Know (Single)

[Listen] Galimatias – Let Me Know (Single)

Super chill EDM DJ Galimatias has a new single out entitled “Let Me Know” and the track is simply great start to finish. Galimatias not only has an epic stage name, but a ton of chill beats and pieces of music that are sure to penetrate the sound waves this summer. “Let Me Know” is a prime example of this sound and what EDM DJ Galimatias has to offer to the entire EDM scene and culture on whole.

The vocals of “Let Me Know” are very deep and just plain mesmerizing. There’s a tone throughout that’s both comforting and wise, complemented well by a melodic repetition of the title. Everything comes through mellow and genuine, there’s no cheap sound effects or false drops, other than a well-placed vibrating phone effect at the drop. There’s a coyness to that vibrating effect that redeems the out-of-place aspect of it, and of course, the flow stays strong.

In terms of rhythm, “Let Me Know” is a kind of slow magic. The harmony throughout creates a winding, almost circular feeling amid a uniquely funky synth. Atmosphere is everywhere in the song, starting and stopping storms of beats, and just taking over the room where you’re listening. The percussion does a good job staying in the back, and I think honestly represents what a good use of snare should sound like.

By the end of “Let Me Know” the loftier, higher vocals seem to creep up with the ending. When all is said and done, the song ends abruptly, which to me signifies a good tune. I think the song’s greatest strength is its simplicity, treating the audience to what chill can be on the barest level. Don’t misread that though, “Let Me Know” is far from a bare bones. Galimatias delivers on every level imaginable in “Let Me Know” and deserves every listen we can give.

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