Transcending Gareth Emery at District N9ne Featuring Selene Garcia

Transcending Gareth Emery at District N9ne Featuring Selene Garcia

When you listen to Gareth Emery, you’re drawn into a trance. From the harmonics to vocals, the English DJ is mesmerizing in more ways than one. When Gareth Emery performed at District N9ne, it took Philadelphia by storm.

Gareth Emery At District N9ne


Taken By Selene Garcia

In the beginning of October, Selene Garcia met Gareth Emery at District N9ne in Philadelphia. District N9ne is a very intimate venue in Philadelphia. The venue filled with many of his fans. It was an amazing experience for the most part. Listening to her talk about meeting Emery was emotional. As many fans, a life long impression was left. Being a fan since 2010, he was everything and more than she’d hope for.

Meeting Gareth Emery


“It felt like a dream. Meeting Gareth Emery. The way I met him was fate. Tears streaming down my face, this wasn’t real life. That’s when I knew, that seeing Gareth Emery, and feeling the energy of his set, was one of the most memorable moments of my life.”

I first heard Gareth Emery on BPM, a Sirius XM radio station. And when I heard Concrete Angel, that was the moment he became one of my favorite DJS.

Waiting at District N9ne, I was shuffling away to the vibrations of Louis Vivet, waiting for Gareth Emery to come on.

When he performed, his set blew my mind. I was in the front and seeing his face filled with content with the crowd knowing his songs, feeling the emotion, made me appreciate him even more than before. I religiously listened to his EZOO 2016 set and it didn’t prepare me for what he was performing. It was great experience and he played all the tracks from 100 Reasons to Live, which is one of my favorites albums.”

“It was the end of the show and he was walking through the front of the stage and he stopped in front of me. He saw me dancing and singing all the words to all of his songs. He made his way to me and enthusiastic to take a picture together. I started crying from happiness, he’s one of my favorite DJS. I didn’t think I was going to meet him that night. Nothing could take that happiness away from me. He was the most humble person I’ve met. It was surreal. You can really tell by the way he performs, he loves what he does and he loves his fans.”


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