Gareth Emery Quitting Social Media and Texting

Gareth Emery Quitting Social Media and Texting

Gareth Emery has had enough of social media. Thursday he announced in a post on Facebook he will be taking a road less traveled and has decided to put the iPhone down and only making calls. He is also letting his management team focus on updating his social pages and his focus will be on music and family.

“I never was interested in being a social media celebrity or influencer or whatever but making music has too often taken a back seat being an online personality.”

“I’ve had to think seriously about how I spend the rest of my time each day.”

He said he had to figure out “Do I want to be the guy who made music that people still were listening to after he was dead? Or the dude who posted many immaculately edited picture of his meals which got tons of likes but were old news before he’d even shat them out.”

He went on “For me the answer is music so I am consciously choosing to go ‘all in’ on music and spend every bit of my available time there. Because I believe that’s my reason for being on this planet: rather than being yet another DJ version of the Kardashians oversharing every banal detail of my life.”

Gareth Emery’s social media will still be active ” I’m going to leave things in the hands of Sergei on my management team.”

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