Gareth Emery Saves the Light at Park City Live

Gareth Emery Saves the Light at Park City Live

Last Friday on February 10th, Gareth Emery, and his opening artist, Jpan Sato, swooped in through Utah to perform an unbelievable set for the Trance Family. Both of the sets from both artists were on point and it is safe to say that these men were top notch live. For all of the EDM lovers who live in Utah and are reading this, but did not attend this show, you definitely slipped out on a fantastic night!

Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery is an electronic/progressive trance DJ straight ‘outta the UK, otherwise known as Southampton. He grew into music by being classically trained on the piano, along with being a guitarist for a punk band in England. He started his career as a producer by owning his own studio and running a local nightclub in Manchester: Garuda.

His production style is influenced by various genres of EDM, while he has also collaborated with many musical artists, including Christina Novelli, Luke Bond, and Alex Sonata.

One fun fact about Gareth Emery, he has been ranked in various magazines for being within the “Top 50 DJs in the world”. However, he stopped asking fans to vote for him in the polls and he donated his marketing to charity. He noted that fans buying tickets to see him in a club or show are considered a vote, not by being clicked on while participating in a poll.

This goes to show that rankings from the media do not equal success, it is all about dedication to the music and the support that is given over years and years of time. That is what brings out success.


Walking into Park City Live felt like walking into the DMV on a Monday afternoon. It was crowded like nothing else and it was hard to walk remotely anywhere. The experience was worth it, however. Seeing his set was so mesmerizing and I was so lifted as an avid EDM listener. I always grew up listening to progressive trance and house ever since I was in middle school and this show topped it all off.

Everything felt right at the time, and I hope everyone else who went to the same show felt the same thing. Especially when he played my favorite songs to jam out to by him, “Save Me” and “Reckless”. Those were the songs that got to me the most. It felt as if I was going back in time to my awkward teenage years, getting crap for listening to “non-mainstream” music, and not giving a damn about anything because this was the genre that made me live. It still makes me feel alive to this day.

As far as I can tell, the Trance Family seemed to have a splendid time at Gareth Emery’s show. As I can talk to you about trance, this show was one of the best trance shows I have ever experienced. All the energies were given at the right time and it was a dream come true to see one of my EDM idols live.

I hope this happens to you someday.

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