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Gareth Emery’s New Project “Choon” Is Radically Changing The Game

Gareth Emery’s New Project “Choon” Is Radically Changing The Game

Gareth Emery announced his new project, Choon, a blockchain based music streaming service and digital music ecosystem that is on its way to replacing the music industries inequitable infrastructure.

The music industries’ complicated recording and publishing contracts make it challenging for artists to claim income owed to them. In addition to those stressful contracts, streaming services keep the majority of revenue for themselves. With Choon, artists no longer have to worry about income being distributed unfairly. Choon returns 80% of revenue to the artist! I know, a complete game changer. It is is completely reinventing the music industry!

What’s its aim? To provide new artists the opportunity to make a viable living from their own music.

Choon offers the ability to upload music, share it and get paid for it via cryptocurrency. More than one artist involved? Smart Record contracts specifies how profits are divided up! Also, when a track is streamed or downloaded, income is distributed immediately!

Choon‘s “White Paper” document asked Gareth Emery how today’s music industry worked if we just created it.

“If we invented the music industry today, how would it look?”

And this is what Emery has to say,

“This isn’t about artists like me, who make a great living playing live, and clearly have nothing to complain about. It’s for those who rely purely on music for their income and who don’t have touring to fall back on. It’s brutal when I talk to young artists, who are getting tens of millions of streams yet still need to do a 9-5 job to put food on the table. It’s no surprise that so many of them give up. “


If you’re interested in the service or would like to learn more about it, visit the links below!

Choon‘s website

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