Keep Calm and Get Involved With #TakeDillonAnywhere

Keep Calm and Get Involved With #TakeDillonAnywhere

Ever wanted your own Dillon Francis? Here is your moment! With #TakeDillonAnywhere, document yourself anywhere in the world with your Dillon Francis cut out.

Anywhere by Dillon Francis feat Will Heard

Anywhere feat Will Heard, the summer tune has been stuck in our heads. Not to mention, the videos on his Snapchat promoting it is a must see!

Dillon Francis aka alter ego DJ Hanzel is known for his outrageous filmmaking skills along with his friends. Documenting himself around his life, touring and debuts with other DJS. Dillon Francis is known for his humor, his music and his expansive ideas whether film or producing.

Fake Dillon

Fake Dillon is one of the cutouts Dillon Francis created. In funny Snapchat videos, Dillon spills water and creates Fake Dillon. He pretends to be Dillon in order to confuse his friends and family. For the campaign, he goes everywhere with Dillon Francis and his crew.


How To Take Dillon Anywhere

By being apart of  TakeDillonAnywhere, upload your video or photo to Instagram using the hashtag and tag your location. The website has an interactive map so you can see where Dillon ends up!


The hashtag has generated traction. Starting with a blank Dillon Francis, you are able to color and style him anyway you want. You can simply see what other fans are doing by typing the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. #TakeDillonAnywhere is a fun way to see all his fans around the world and seeing how far they are! Some pictures are ridiculous and others are just insane how creative fans are!


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