Getter Banning Bassnectar Merch Was A Joke, Calm Down.

Getter Banning Bassnectar Merch Was A Joke, Calm Down.

If you’re really fans of  Getter, would you think he was serious not letting fans in with Bassnectar merch? Think again. Getter’s has a fun personality and he does everything in good fun. But some people took it a little too seriously over social media.

Getter Banning Bassnectar Merch At Echostage Show Was A Joke

Bassnectar fans were offended as Getter banned all Bassnectar merch from his performance at Echostage on Halloween night. Some people were denied entry just cause of that. But in all seriousness, it was a joke. Some people even confirmed from the venue that night that it didn’t really happen and people were overreacted. So beloved Bassnectar fans, no need to cry over it. So many people thought it was simply clickbait or just a beef between Bassnectar and Getter. Getter released a statement after Halloween below:


Now, he’s dealing with defending himself against the angry Bassnectar fans in a series of tweets.

So many Bassnectar fans are taking to Twitter voicing their frustrations and calling the multidimensional artist a bunch of things and encouraging his depression, not cool. He released a few days ago about releasing his farewell album because he’s moving on to expanding his musical journey. This whole thing doesn’t take away that fact that Getter is a talented individual. Music is music. A lot of people couldn’t take a joke.

There’s more on his Twitter obviously but Getter did issue an apology to everyone indicating it was a joke gone wrong. To follow what’s going on, click here.