Getting Freaky At Circoloco Los Angeles

Getting Freaky At Circoloco Los Angeles

Circoloco, a name synonymous with the infamous DC10 party in Ibiza, was welcomed with open arms into Los Angeles this past Friday, October 28th 2016. Along with Los Angeles, Brooklyn, New York was the only other city lucky enough to host Circoloco in the States. Sound Nightclub and Rhonda International cooperated in hosting this Spanish party brand, with the event running a mind boggling TEN hours! From 10 PM till 8 AM, the music continuously kept on banging at Union Nightclub in Los Angeles. The lineup consisted of extraordinarily prominent artists including: The Martinez Brothers, Damian Lazarus, Davide Squillace, and Black Coffee just to name a few. Take a look at the full lineup below:


I was lucky enough to be able to attend this commemorative event. Keen upon not missing out on any of the sets, I arrived early to see that there was already a line flirting around the end of the block. Thankfully, being press, I managed to skirt that line and enter without much delay. I ventured inside and my sense of anticipation rose with each increasing step I took up that staircase in the grand entrance. At the top, the room expanded into a vast area complete with a bar and resident artist Goddollars already spinning to my far right corner. That main room led into the “Disco” dance floor, where most of the headliners would be spinning later, as well as stairs leading downstairs to the “Noise” and “Jewel” stages. As a first timer to Union, I can confess to being shocked by the size of the venue. That place was huge! In addition to those two dance floors downstairs, there was still a whole other unused room, not to mention a kitchen area where you can go to order food (unfortunately I never got an opportunity to try anything), and a smoking patio.


Since Black Coffee wasn’t going on until midnight, my friends and I went downstairs to Jewel to catch Lauren Lane. Even though I had just seen her the night before, opening up for Joseph Capriati at Sound, my ears were no less delighted to hear her once more. That upbeat and rhythmical tempo set the perfect threshold for the night to come. As midnight struck, we all ventured back upstairs to Disco, where we would be spending the majority of our night. With the likes of Black Coffee, The Martinez Brothers, Damian Lazarus, and finally Eagle and Butterflies, you can be sure that the only time spent outside of that room would be to replenish our drinks from the bar. As a promoter at Sound, I do confess to being spoiled rotten by the plethora of top notch talent that play from behind that giant wooden Sound logo. Due to this fact, I’ve seen Black Coffee there at least twice just within this last year. It in no way diminished his set in my mind however, further evidenced by the resounding response from the crowd. Each set that night was a minimum of two hours, ample time to build and unfold a story of intrigue within those twisting techno beats, and Black Coffee did not disappoint.


At 2 AM, The Martinez Brothers came on, for what was probably my own personal favorite set of the night. The energy in the room was palpable; those hard pounding basslines drove my legs to dance continuously, finally to the point where I looked down at my watch to realize that over an hour had already passed! Damian Lazarus’ set was no less superb. With masterful tact and precision, he carried on the vibes with a degree of perfection befitting his reputation, into the early hours of the morning. His deep and trippy sounds intoxicated the crowd, giving everyone renewed energy (especially since everyone had been dancing well after the bars stopped serving alcohol at 2), causing smooth fluid motions all across the enraptured audience’s dancing. I personally didn’t make it till 6 AM to catch Eagles and Butterflies, but from what I heard from my friends, and the videos that surfaced the next day, Chris’ set could not have ended off the first Circoloco in Los Angeles any more perfectly.

The premiere of Circoloco Los Angeles encapsulated perfection in every way. Starting off with such a large debut, Circoloco has teased Los Angeles natives with a small taste of Ibiza. I’m sure everyone, myself included, will be thirsting for more events in the future. Sound Nightclub and Rhonda International have really outdone themselves with this one. I tip my hat off to you both.

(All photos belong to Sound Nightclub)

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