Getting to Know the Amsterdam born Duo “The Him”

Getting to Know the Amsterdam born Duo “The Him”

Amsterdam born EDM duo The Him talks their favorite remixes, foods, and Stateside experiences.

I have to ask: how did you come up with the name “The Him?”

We wanted to release some bootlegs and mash-ups a few years ago. At that time we  needed a name for the project so we tried making a list of word combinations that we liked. For inspiration we were looking at old albums for cool track titles. Among those was a track by New Order called ‘The Him’. We put it on the list and kinda liked the sound of it so we kept it.The-Him

Your latest release on Spotify, “Balance” is so good! How did you go about creating or remixing that? Was there a theme you had in mind before starting or does the song unfold as you go?

Jeroen was reading some articles by a singer songwriter, Benjamin Samama. We found out that he lives in LA and was actually Dutch! It’s a small world after all :).  We sent over some song ideas back and forth and that was how Balance was created. We usually love working from a vocal and building everything around it. As with boxes of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get though. We might start out a track with a certain idea and stick with that, but it just as often completely changes when we work on it.

Your most played song on Spotify “Feels Like Home” has some amazing piano beats to back the deep house vibes. Do you usually start with piano and build from there? Or is it different for every song?

We almost  always start with a vocal and build the rest of the song around it. We invest a lot of time listening to new vocals and find new songwriters or being in the studio with writers. Yes it does start with a piano a lot. It’s usually a nice way to get a feel for what chords might work best for the song. Sometimes we’ll replace the piano sound later and sometimes it stays.

If you could get 15 minutes with anyone in the music industry to pick their brain, who would it be, and what’s the biggest question you would ask?

Calvin Harris! Would love to ask him about his creative process and musical choices he’s made.

You will be playing at Time & Space on New Year’s. What can everyone look forward to with your set?

We will drop a lot of vocal house and play our own songs, mash-ups and bootlegs. But also a taste of trap and future bass here and there 🙂 ! So be prepared!!

Coming all the way from Amsterdam, you’re about to be in New York, California, and  Washington. What has been your favorite stops to tour in, in America?

Our first tour started in LA and we got to hang out in the Sour Patch Kids House. This is in the Hollywood Hills and one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to. The house had several rooms filled with candy and we even had our own studio. Perfect way to spend your off days, right :)?!!!

When you’re doing far away tours like this one, what is the one thing you always take with you on the road? 

Laptops! For surviving those long flights and being able to do work and make music while we’re touring.

A couple of videos on your Facebook show some behind-the-scenes of touring with you guys; do you have any pre-show rituals?

We always get to the venue an hour before our show starts. We like to check out the other artists and have some beers with the people who are around. 

You’ve been killing it on remixes lately, which new song are you guys looking to remix next?

Thank you so much!

We are working on Fergie and Miike Snow this month.

If you could feature any artists vocals, from the past or present on one of your original songs, who would you choose?

Chris Martin, Jess Glynne, The Weeknd

You guys recently tweeted about Johnny Rockets, so I have to ask, have you had In N Out in California yet? What is your top food place to hit when you’re in the States on the West Coast.

Haha love this question 🙂

Yes we did :)!!! In the first 2 weeks of our us tour we visited a lot of burger places. We don’t think Johnny Rockets has the best burgers. But the combination of the sweet potato fries, the insane milkshake and the burger is golden. 

Here is our fast food top 3

Fries: Johny Rockets (All over US)

Milkshake: Melt Shop (New York) 

Burger: Swine Southern Table & Bar (Miami)

If you can combine those 3 you have got yourself a bestseller.

What is the craziest things one of your fans has done to get your attention?

Someone tweeted us a photo of us in cartoon style. We loved it so much and decided to post it on our IG to thank him. 

You also posted about Sour Patch Kids on your FB, which brings me to asking, Chocolate or Fruity sweets?

Steven: I was on a diet when we arrived in the Sour Patch house. I couldn’t resist it to taste one. After 58 minutes I had eaten more than 5 package’s of Sour Patch. So fruity sweets for me. 

Jeroen: Chocolate! All though I also did love those Sour Patch Kids :D.

You also have a great new remix out of “In the Name Of Love” that extends the beats and builds on more of the piano vibes. The song works great with your style of remixing. How do you pick which songs to remix?

The most important thing for us is feeling the vibe of the song. If we don’t feel it we won’t remix it.

Do you have any new year resolutions?

We want to release more music next year and keep trying to work harder than ever to reach our goals.

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