Getting Your Music Out There

Getting Your Music Out There

Getting Your Music Out There

When I’m not writing articles for Mix 247 EDM, I am working as a PR intern in Dallas. One of favorite things about working in public relations is looking up local artists and contacting them about working with them. When I first started interning with my firm this past January, I was surprised to learn that Dallas contains a variety of hidden musical treasures trying to make a name for themselves. With everything I’ve learned about communicating with the public and establishing connections, I know plenty of things about making your music known to the public.

Keep a team of people that know what they’re doing. – In between creating campaigns, setting a budget, creating tracks, and scheduling studio sessions, making music can be a bit daunting. However, if you have a team of passionate people with these essential skills, the load is a lot lighter, allowing you more time and energy to create music.

Establish a social media presence. – Social media is the new wave. Almost every artist, company, or mogul has multiple social media handles as a means of connecting with fans and consumers. As an artist, you’ll want to upload new sounds to Soundcloud, preview album cover arts with Instagram, and reach out to fans via Twitter. You’ll also want to carry yourself in a respectable manner on social media, therefore, it is not wise for aspiring artists to speak negatively of other artists on a public platform.

Distribute, distribute, distribute. – There is nothing better than making money doing what you love, and websites such as TuneCore allow unsigned artists to sell their music on iTunes and Google Play. TuneCore even allows the artist to keep all of their profits.

Support other local acts. – If you are genuinely supportive of other artists in your area, they will more than likely be willing to get the word about your works, collaborate with you, and have you join them at shows. As an artist, it is important that you never forget about those around you and where you came from. 

With all of this being said, you are also always welcome to send audio files to for a chance to have your music aired on our station.

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