Gina Turner Presents Divine Series

Gina Turner Presents Divine Series

Happy TUNESday fellow musicophiles! Yes, Monday is for music, but so is Tuesday and basically any day that ends in “y.” We’re loving Gina Turner‘s Divine Series. The New York based DJ, producer, radio host and yogini  is sharing her love for yoga and music with two house tracks.

Released earlier this year, ‘Sri Ram’ with Tim Miller and ‘Integration’ featuring Tim Rothschild blend yogic elements with house music. Both are inspired by sounds and vibrations while the body moves to their rhythm and beat.

There are a lot of parallels in the dance music community as well as the spiritual community

As if Gina Turner didn’t already have enough on her plate, she is also half of the creative force behind The Divine Movement, an event concept between her and Tim Rothschild. They have fused yoga and music to take you on a mind, body and soul journey.

When people come to a night club they come to let loose regardless of shape, size, color, ethnicity, religion and they move their body and express themselves; and in a yoga studio you do the same. You don’t know anything about your neighbor, and you’re moving with them. —via Refinery29

Before letting loose on the club floor, music lovers can join the duo for a different type of pregame. One that involves a guided visualization meditation from Tim Rothschild followed by a 60 minute yoga class led by Gina Turner.

Check out Gina Turner‘s first track (released March 8, 2017) under the Divine Series below, and let us know what you think:

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