GloFX Proves the EDM Scene is Here to Stay

GloFX Proves the EDM Scene is Here to Stay

Once a very small underground scene, raving and EDM in general is now anything but a dying topic – and one rave apparel company in Florida explains why.
GloFX, one of the most reputable EDM gear shops in the nation, is a locally-owned business in Tallahassee, Florida. They also happen to be the world’s leading manufacturer of prismatic eyewear, equipped with special lenses that diffract light in a rainbow pattern for the wearer to enjoy.
Their reputation has made it possible for them work with some of the biggest EDM conglomerates in the nation. GloFX was also recently recognized as one of Florida’s Top Companies to Watch, ultimately proving that the dance music scene has no plans of slowing down.
“This award is a tribute to the hardworking entrepreneurs whose passion for community reflects the major role their companies play within their respective industries. I believe that news of an EDM company being acknowledged by economic development agencies as a major source of revenue for the state of Florida is worthy of being shared. For the past few years, the EDM industry has played a major role in fueling the economy, and us winning the award is a testament to the industry’s emergence as an economic powerhouse in our country,” a GloFX representative said.
Their blog is dedicated to discussing the future of EDM and how it will impact aspiring entrepreneurs now that the industry has proven itself to accelerate economic growth, and can be found here.
 GloFX has big things planned for the future of EDM. Check out their website here and be AMAZED at the stylish look and unique features that define all of their eyewear products.
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