Goldrush: The Ultimate Life-Changing Weekend

Goldrush: The Ultimate Life-Changing Weekend

You know those times where you can just sit back and think, ‘Wow, I’m really having the time of my life right now’? Or, ‘I am very content with life at the moment’? Those were the thoughts I had all weekend during the Goldrush Festival.

For those who haven’t heard of this Goldrush, no there was no mining going on. The Goldrush Festival was a first-ever festival that took place down in Phoenix, Arizona at the Chandler Rawhide Town Center, hosting artists such as MarshmelloDillon FrancisMigosFlatbush ZombiesRL Grime, and way more! As its first year for hosting this event, I was incredibly blown away by its creativity and vibes that made November 17-18 one of the best weekends of my life.  Let me first start off by talking about the music. HOLY. SH*T. All of the sets that I witnessed were mind-melting. The artists that traveled to Goldrush to perform were absolutely incredible and are hands-on some of the most talented people I have ever witnessed. Sets from the locals and underdogs to big-time fellows like Dillon Francis and RL Grime were all insane. Props to everyone!

I want to talk about some of my favorite sets that I enjoyed – some were expected from my personal taste and some others were definitely not what I expected. 

My first set of the weekend that I enjoyed the most was Drezo. I have personally never seen Drezo before but have always been a fan of some of his music. When interviewing Mustache Sweat, a local native in Phoenix, he told me that he once opened for Drezo and that it was an incredible experience, and listening to that, I knew I had to listen to him later that day. My crew and I popped over to his set at the Main Stage and wow. He absolutely blew my mind. His live dirty house beats are exactly what people say – dirty but beautiful. He mixed up his tones perfectly well and it was the perfect set to start out the weekend.

Another set that I did not expect to jive to was Claude Vonstroke. He was performing at the same time as one of my idols, Dillon Francis, but my squad and I decided to stage hop the Main Stage and Hideout. When I got to the Hideout where Claude himself was playing, the groovy house sounds got me shufflin’. I have always been a house fan so getting into the Dirtybird vibe was a great introduction for me! The best part of the set was dancing around at the Hideout under the closing fireworks – definitely the best way to end the first day of Goldrush!

A set from Day 2 that I enjoyed a lot was Ghastly. I had a chance to see Ghastly at ileSoniq up in Montreal this summer, but I never got around to it – but I finally did this weekend! Being a fan of Ghastly myself, I was super stoked to see him on the Main Stage doin’ this thang. When he dropped “Get On This”, I was jumping around with my friends to the groove of that track and it was all a good time! Overall, Ghastly puts on incredible sets and if you get a chance to get down with him, I say do it!

Malaa is also the reason why I now know how to shuffle! I’ve always loved Malaa and hearing his deep house hits really gets me into the groove. I was so happy that Goldrush brought out so many house music because the genre always gravitates me towards a good mood and vibe. He also brought out Tchami during his set and that was an incredible moment to witness! Besides the music, the setting and visuals were spot on for its first ever festival. To get to the stages, you had to walk down ‘Main Street’, where there were many options for food, merchandise, VIP rooms, and resting points. My favorite part was when you walked through the “street” at night, all the lights were lit up and it was gorgeous. It felt like the festival was its own village and that’s the best vibe you can get, personally! During the day, they also displayed local art and all of it was beautiful. Art shows, lights, what more could come without the music? Also, shoutout to JBL for the non-crowded charging station when needed. You saved my life this weekend. One thing that also made Goldrush an unforgettable weekend was the people I met. Everyone was just so welcoming and accepting and even at my worse this weekend, they were still there to pick me up and have a kick-ass time. Shout out to the Owl Squad for bringing me along with their rave-fam while I lost mine – Y’all really know how to make this alien happy! Also, thank you for teaching me how to shuffle.

I also got to groove with fellow Mix writers, Shannon and Billy! Y’all are the best!

Thank you Goldrush and Relentless Beats for putting on one of the best festivals I have ever experienced! It was hands-down one of the best times and I hope to dance under the desert stars with Y’all next time!

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