The Grip (featuring Sara Kendall) by CRNKN

The Grip (featuring Sara Kendall) by CRNKN

“The Grip” (featuring Sara Kendall) is a great new EDM song out by awesome EDM DJ CRNKN. The song features Sara Kendall and the collaboration has a great sound throughout. Without a doubt, the whimsy and wonder that comes along with every lyric and beat makes The Grip by CRNKN a uniquely styled romp into the vast realm of EDM.

The song features very heavy horns at the start, which really sets the somewhat somber mood of what’s to come. The resounding vocals are very powerful, pacing along the clicks and snaps in front of the beat to a tee, and don’t get me started on the lyrics. The song is incredibly self-reflective and has a definitively lyrical focus, which is something to behold when it sticks out in sometimes too beat-centric EDM bangers.

All in all, the word ‘harmony’ is what rings out the most about this song. The main beat is just so mellow, but when combined with such potent lyrics, there’s a drive behind every tap of percussion to come. There’s no heavy drop either, just a consistency to the electronic elements that emphasizes the resounding effects without being overbearing. One could most certainly argue The Grip by EDM DJ CRNKN is a definitively smooth ride through and through.

The Grip by CRNKN also has a really cool and uniquely designed music video, which you can see below. The video features expressionism as the main focus. There are several scenes depicting the rawness of human emotions through abstract expression, as well as really good close-up shots and emotional camera angles. Everything is very image-driven and comes to life on the screen. The quality of the music video for The Grip by EDM DJ CRKNKN is also extremely good, and the many cool angles and effects show it. One can’t watch the video and hear the lyrics without really wondering what has a grip on them.

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