Group “Mom’s Who Rave” In The Spotlight

Group “Mom’s Who Rave” In The Spotlight

Who says when you become a mom everything else stops? OK, well the old way of thinking that is the case. You become a parent and they are 1000% what you focus on. The times have changed and now it is ok to keep the kids at home with a responsible babysitter to have a girls night out or even weekend. As long as you are being responsible who is to say it is wrong?

The night and weekends out are now including, for some mom’s, raves, concerts and festivals. With the popularity EDM festivals and raves are getting and now with the bad news of drugs being so abundant during the events Fox news decided to do a little investigating. Instead of interviewing one of the huge promoters of the festivals and talk about the positive aspects of EDM music they took a look inside the Instagram group “Mom’s Who Rave.”

Fox News interviewed a woman named Nicole, a 32-year-old mother of two who runs the New York City-based spin-off Instagram group momswhoravenyc. Fox news was of course focused on the negative aspects of the events, while Nicole was well spoken she did admit to taking drugs on occasion. However, she revealed that she started the momswhoravenyc page to promote safe raving and responsibility for mothers who want to attend EDM events.  Also interviewed a ER physician named Dr. Robert Glatter, who argued that moms attending these events set a negative example for their children.

To end the non-EDM news outlets wanting to investigate the negative aspect of EDM, which is the drug use, it is on everyone attending and involved in promoting the events to get rid of this black eye that is giving EDM a negative taste in people’s mouth. One step to cleaning up the raves starts here Sign the RAVE Act Petition.

Check out the Fox news segment below.

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