Gryffin Steals The Show At Park City Live This Past Weekend

Gryffin Steals The Show At Park City Live This Past Weekend

This past Friday, February 2nd, Gryffin hustled his way up to Park City Live in Park City, Utah for a memorable night of melodic and live instrumental music that just makes your heart melt. It was a night filled with nothing but good, electric vibes and soulful beats to make my Friday night something to remember.

A little backstory on this man, first. Dan Griffith, aka. Gryffin is based out of New York City where he got into the scene with his top remix of Tove Lo‘s “Talking Body” and Years & Years‘s “Desire”. Being classically trained has gotten him to where he is today, especially with his accomplished guitar skills. He graduated with an electrical engineering degree from the University of Southern California, where he immersed himself in music production, where he then relocated to Los Angeles. With hard work and dedication, he has now worked with top-timers, such as Illenium, singer-songwriter Daya, and more. I can’t wait to see what he will do next!

Walking into his headlining show at Park City Live, I felt the energy in the venue and I knew that it was going to be an expressive night. Being a regular attendee at this intimate venue, especially during the Sundance Film Festival, I have always been used to getting pushed around and/or running into people that aren’t the nicest. But at this show, I was in one of the most caring crowds I have ever been in, and I wasn’t even at a festival! Everyone around me was just giving good vibes and that’s when shows are usually the best.

When Gryffin came on, he made an incredible entrance with his guitar and turntables. Just the way he grooved along with his music made everyone in the crowd so emotional and happy – it was such an amazing aspect to witness. Throughout his set, he dropped bangers such as “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar and “All of the Lights” by Kanye West to hype up the audience and he couldn’t have picked any better songs to pump us up with. Then when he dived into his remixes and originals, I was in awe. I’ve never seen anyone else so pure when it comes to performing their live sets. Some of my favorite songs he played were his remix of “Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Sigrid – that is an all-time favorite of mine and his remix of “Don’t Leave” by Snakehips and . I personally love his remixes because he puts so much heart and soul into them as much as he does with his hair when he plays guitar live – that’s a handsome look to see.

Overall, Gryffin put on such a wonderful show! I really hope I get another chance to see him live because I’m starting to get more into deep and melodic shows – they definitely warm your heart!

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