Kickin Off Halloween with Cookie Monsta & Funtcase at Slake NYC

Kickin Off Halloween with Cookie Monsta & Funtcase at Slake NYC

If I told you that Halloween was amazing, would you believe me? I mean nothing beats candy, clever costumes and trick or treating. But Audiohazard was with Cookie Monsta and Funtcase surpassed that!


Halloween was on a Monday this year. Certain venues held events in the middle of the week. There were so many class acts that were performing. Such as, Above and Beyond, Oliver HeldensMalaa and Galantis, Halloween week overall was lit!  I had the opportunity to attend AudioHazard’s event with Cookie Monster and Funtcase as the main act. You’re in for one hell of a treat!

Cookie Monsta & Funtcase


 I started the Halloween week with Cookie Monsta and Funtcase at Slake, NYC. One of my best friends, Naomi Gonzalez, introduced me to them at EZOO this year. EZOO was my first time exposed to heavy dubstep. I must say I am grateful she introduced me. It opened my eyes to a genre that can go one forever. The experience was truly timeless.

The venue was intimate. Decorated with ghosts on the stage, it was really festive for a Thursday night. It was on the second floor of American Beauty.

There were two stages at the venue. To name a few, the headliners were Kill Rex, Evac Protocol, Moshington and Beardthug. Each headliner had their own style. From WUB to heavy Bass, each one. I enjoyed each DJ at the main stage. The energy was amazing. Cookie Monsta and Funtcase killed it! They were better the second time I saw them.

Cookie Monsta and Funtcase incorporated Excision throughout their set. From Virus, he mixed Throwing Elbows and Harambe. Their set was something to remember. Being able to have a connection with people with likely music taste is always a great way to end a night.

Meeting Cookie Monsta and Funtcase


The perk of VIP was meeting  both Cookie Monsta and Funtcase and skipping the line was glorifying. It was my first VIP experience. It was  10/10. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could.  Meeting both of them was a moment to for the books. Even after a long set, it was great knowing that they were excited to meet all of us. It is amazing to be fans of people who genuinely care about us as a bass family!

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